Flare Cover Reveal

In ten days, on January 13, 2014, Flare will be released. This is the third and final book in the North Star Trilogy, so if you’ve been waiting to read Spark and Fusion until Flare was out, now it your chance.  They will both be 20% off through January 4th at Dreamspinner Press too!

Now, on to Flare.  Anne Cain created another lovely cover and fully portrayed exactly what I wanted for this story. I told her I wanted green right away when we first started talking about all three covers, and we decided that the golden spiral should be a recurring theme in all three covers, which it was.  So, what do you think?  Scroll to read the blurb for Flare too.  I now have a completed trilogy, and that makes me release a huge sigh of relief.  Thank you for reading.

Hugo Thorson and Kevin Magnus are learning to live again after the death of Kevin’s wife, Erin. They’re doing everything they can to make a stable home for Kevin’s kids, but that stability is threatened when Kevin is served legal documents: Erin’s parents want custody of Brooke and Finn.

Meanwhile, Hugo is offered several acting jobs; to encourage him to take them, Kevin hires a nanny who is very hands-on with the kids. But Hugo feels distanced from his new family, so he makes the decision to leave his eclectic neighborhood and moves in with Kevin. He quickly finds he has a hard time fitting in with the suburbanites, and Kevin’s passive-aggressive “friends” make Hugo feel anything but welcome. Yet, he keeps his concerns a secret and tries to take it all in stride.

When Brooke is bullied about having two dads, Hugo realizes his mere presence might be doing more harm than good. The stress will force him to make a choice: does he stay and fight for the family he loves, or does he walk away to let them live in peace?


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