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We’ve updated the privacy policies for our site and newsletter to ensure you are informed about how Posy Roberts uses your personal data. Please look over the new details, effective starting May 25, 2018.

Why we process personal data and what we use it for

We collect data by users signing up for our newsletter. We don’t share this information with anyone and the data is used to create newsletters keeping you informed of news releases and sales from Posy Roberts. We only collect email addresses and name.

MailChimp collets email and name. There could also be an indication of why a subscriber signed up (a promotion for a particular series to enable targeted marketing for a new release in that series).

If you follow, WordPress holds your name and email to be able to send you updates whenever something is added to the site.


  • We use Statcounter, Facebook Pixel, associates codes for booksellers, and these use cookies.
  • We embed content from MailChimp
  • We collect information for our email list.


Personal data is any information that can be used to identify someone, whether through direct or indirect means, including commonly used online identifiers such as cookies and location data. On this site:

  • The consent box in email subscriptions is not pre-ticked by default.
  • We use double opt-in on newsletter subscriptions.
  • We gather emails to enable us to send out newsletters.
  • Consent for cookie usage is now included in any signups listed as Customized Online Advertising.
  • We do not share a user’s information with any third-party promoters.
  • WordPress collects data for users who choose to leave comments on posts or who use Posy Roberts’ contact form. Email addresses will not be posted, only name and website address if the user chooses to share it. This information is used by WordPress to send further comments/responses to users who choose to receive them or by Posy Roberts for the sole purpose of communicating with website visitors. This data is not used in any other way.


Data subjects have the right to access their personal data and to know how it is being processed.

Right to be forgotten – this policy allows EU data subjects to request to have all their data deleted from your server or transferred to another company.

Breach of personal data we will notify the Supervisory Authority within 72 hours unless the breach is harmless and poses no risk to the individual. If a breach is concluded to be high risk, Posy will inform the individual as well.


When buying signed paperbacks from us (or winning them in competitions) we will collect name, address, and email. This data is held in secure files and is not shared with anyone outside of Boho Press and the shipping company. The data is deleted from our servers after the books have been sent out.

How to contact Posy & Boho Press about data privacy

Complete the form below and we will be happy to share with you any information we might hold on you.

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