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Amy Aislin – The Nature of the …

Thank you for joining me to celebrate the release of my newest m/m sports romance, The Nature of the Game, and thank you so much to Posy Roberts for having me! The Nature of the Game, book two in the Stick Side series, is a second chance romance. Six years ago, the main characters—Ash and Dan—were in a relationship that didn’t end well. They haven’t spoken since then and now, all of a sudden, they’re back in each other’s lives. The inspiration for The Nature of the Game came while I was writing the first book in the series, On the Ice, which is where we first met Ash and Dan. On the Ice features Mitch and…


Consent in Romance – Lane Swift

  Today, Lane Swift is here to share an excerpt from her book Dormant Heart that shows a great example of #ConsentInRomance. Beautiful. Thanks, Lane. I wanted to make him fall apart. I wanted him to feel with every ounce of my being that he never, ever had to apologize for who he was, or shy away from asking for what he wanted. I wanted us to do everything, everything his heart desired. (My lack of the necessary accoutrements notwithstanding.) Josh arched into my grip as the flush on his face grew darker and his eyelids fluttered closed. Perhaps it was too soon for us to be doing this. We’d only known…


Guest Cover Reveal

TITLE: Déjà You PUBLISHER: Emerald Lily Publishing RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2017 In Déjà You, five authors share stories of second chances, as varied in telling as the writers themselves. Kelly Cain’s We’ll Always Have Oahu takes us on a whirlwind New Adult romance set in the 80s between a young woman on a high school graduation trip and a handsome Navy sailor. Bianca M. Schwarz transports us to 1760 in The Pearl with the story of Marcus Landover, who attends a card party and ends up with more than he bargained for in the beautiful Sophia Chelmsford. Amanda Linsmeier’s Joy and Sorrow reunites lovers separated by death in a…


Guest: Caraway Carter

I’m excited my good friend Caraway Carter is here to talk about his new release 7 With 1 Blow. This is a redemption story and after reading this compelling work, I had a few questions I wanted to ask Caraway. So let’s get to it, shall we? What made you go down this path? It was originally a prompt from a publisher. You told them you wanted to write a retelling of a fairy tale and they’d send you one. I was given The Giant & The Tailor, which most people have heard as The Brave Little Tailor. It’s my least favorite fairy tale ever, because the tailor is a…


Love is Love

A collection of poems composed by over fifty authors in aid of the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse Attack. On June 12, 2016, the most horrendous mass shooting in US history and an unfathomable act of hate was directed at the LGBT community in Orlando. The horror of this tragedy reverberated around the world, leaving millions shocked and appalled at the senseless violence that destroyed so many innocent lives. In a display of solidarity with the victims and survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting, a group of LGBTQ+ and straight allies, from all across the globe, came together to produce a collection of poems in celebration of love…


Power Play – Avon Gale

A freak accident during the Stanley Cup Playoffs put an end to Max Ashford’s hockey career. Despite everything, Max gets back into the game he loves—only this time, behind the bench as an assistant coach of the Spartanburg Spitfires, the worst team in the entire league. But nothing prepares him for the shock when he learns the new head coach is Misha Samarin, the man who caused Max’s accident.


Knit Tight – Annabeth Albert

Author Name: Annabeth Albert Book Name: Knit Tight Series: #PortlandHeat Book: Four This, and all the books of the series, can be read as a standalone as each features a new couple. Release Date: April 12, 2016 Pages or Words: 43,000 Categories: Contemporary, Erotica, Gay Fiction, Humor, M/M Romance, New Adult, Romance Blurb: It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, has some of best restaurants, shops, and cafés in the country. But it’s the hard-working men who serve it all up that keep us coming back for more… One of Portland’s hottest young baristas, Brady is famous for his java-topping flair, turning a regular cup of joe into a work of…


Torque – Charley Descoteaux

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Charley Descoteaux author of Torque. Hi Charley, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book. When did you write your first story/book? How old were you? I’ve always told stories, but the first time I remember writing one down I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. I hid the pages in my music folder, between the sheet music. Are you a plotter or pantser? 100% pantser! I’ve tried to plot things out ahead of time but the more I do that, the less motivation I have to finish the story. If…


LE Franks – 6 Days to Valentine

In Nick’s perfect world, Valentine’s Day would be struck from the calendar. Nick’s dreams of a Happily Ever After were shredded long ago and the last thing he and his customers need is a bunch of happy loving couples rubbing it in their faces. Bouncer Fat Boy Newman is willing to bet he knows Nick’s heart better than he does. He has just six days to change Nick’s mind about romance and the holiday and the perfect man to do it. Too bad it’s not him. Too bad Nick’s not going down without a fight. Too bad he cheats.


The Law of Attraction – Jay Northcote

When a professional relationship turns personal, it’s impossible to resist the law of attraction. Alec Rowland is a high-flying lawyer in a London firm whose career is his life. He doesn’t have time for relationships and his sexuality is a closely guarded secret. After picking up a cute guy on a Friday night, Alec’s world is rocked to its foundations when his one night stand shows up in the office on Monday morning—as the new temp on his team. Ed Piper is desperate to prove himself in his new job. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by a crush on his boss. It’s hard to ignore the…


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