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Amy Aislin – The Nature of the …

Thank you for joining me to celebrate the release of my newest m/m sports romance, The Nature of the Game, and thank you so much to Posy Roberts for having me! The Nature of the Game, book two in the Stick Side series, is a second chance romance. Six years ago, the main characters—Ash and Dan—were in a relationship that didn’t end well. They haven’t spoken since then and now, all of a sudden, they’re back in each other’s lives. The inspiration for The Nature of the Game came while I was writing the first book in the series, On the Ice, which is where we first met Ash and Dan. On the Ice features Mitch and…


Kindle Unlimited Listings

All my self-published books are now on Kindle Unlimited, even the bundled trilogy, North Star. Which book will you start reading today? #kindleunlimited #amreading #mmromance #gayromance #lgbtqbooks


Every Day is Earth Day

Back in college I took an environmental studies class. I loved it and, as many a cocky freshman does, went back home to show my mother all I’d learned about reduce, reuse, recycle. And it blew up my face. Spectacularly. Because my mom was the one who schooled me. She is a child of the Depression and WWII, so every resource was used until it could be used no more, and then it was relegated to another use, maybe cleaning or in the garden or in the garage. I was lucky to be raised with her influence. It’s why I turned some cute fabric I didn’t know what to do…


Naked Organics – KU

I’ve put Naked Organics back on Kindle Unlimited again. It’s been out of KU for a good nine months, so if you subscribe, now is your chance to read Jude & Hudson’s love story. It’s also available to buy from Amazon, and I have signed paperbacks available too. I’m hoping this will be a push for me to get Fresh Earth finished too. What is the Naked Organics series about? Naked Organics is about healing, community, and stewardship of the Earth. It’s set on an intentional community just south of Portland, Oregon, called Kaleidoscope Gardens. This is a commune that freely celebrates sexual expression between same-sex and poly couples, throuples,…


The Store is Open

The Store is Open – If you’ve been wanting signed paperbacks from me, there’s a place for that now!


Allergic to Fluff

I have two WIPs. The first is the follow-up to Farm Fresh and Picked Fresh. Fresh Earth focuses on Charlie & Leo. You met them in the first two Naked Organics books, but this book really dives into Charlie’s psyche. It’s been a hard book to write, mostly because Charlie has a hellish past that comes to bite back. My second WIP is Extra Ordinary. This story started out as the short story, something along the lines of 5,000 words. It was written entirely from August’s (Gus) POV, but I always wanted to know more about Luca. I got the rights back to that story sometime last year, but it sat on my computer untouched…


Map to North Star

In September of 2018, one of my beta readers was coming to Minneapolis for work. She wanted to see some of the sites from the North Star trilogy, so I created a Google Map for her so she could find her way. I went a bit overboard when making the map, putting in not only locations but also linking photos and info about each spot on the map as they related to my trilogy. Rather than keeping this to myself, I figured I’d share it with you. Zoom in, click on pins, and info about each locale will pop up, including images. Most of the pins are in the Minneapolis…


And then he spoke…

So this happened. The other day I was lying down after a long bath, just savoring the warmth and relaxation, and my mind wondered to Leo from Naked Organics. I’ve been trying to get into his head and to understand his motivation for a long time, but he’s been reluctant to talk to me. I always feel foolish when I say stuff like this, that characters talk or don’t talk to me, but that’s how it works. So who am I to question it? Out of the blue Leo started telling me the true fears behind his motivations. This is what I’ve been waiting for . . . well, for years.…


Lonely Hearts Blog Tour Stops

To celebrate the release of Lonely Hearts, I stopped by 6 Feet Under Books and Padme’s Library for two author interviews. I also popped over to Love Bytes to talk about all the threads woven between stories and to talk about the Easter eggs you might want to hunt down. I talked about chat rooms and online intimacy at My Fiction Nook. At Two Chicks Obsessed, I wrote about how the stoic men in my life growing up have influenced the characters I write, and Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews wanted me to talk about my literary influence, who is likely someone you won’t believe. Check out all the stops, interviews, guest posts, and reviews. There’s also an Amazon gift…


Early ePub Buy-in

Prefer ePub files over mobi? Early buy-in Option for my shop subscribers. Get details here:


Cover Reveal – Lonely Hearts – a novella …

Later this month, I’ll be releasing a novella bundle, Lonely Hearts. I love writing novellas, telling a full story in a limited amount of words, but novellas are often bypassed. I recently took a poll and discovered many readers enjoy novellas, but they prefer reading them in a bundle. So I put four previously published stories together, drew greater connections between the stories, and added five chapters where the men from the stories interact in a chat room. In Lonely Hearts, you’ll find Easter eggs planted throughout the stories. Not just to each other but also to my other works.  Lonely Hearts will initially be released on Kindle Unlimited, however, if you’re…


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