On Writing

There’s more to writing that typing.

Writer Unthawed

I lost all my writing mojo after the 2016 election. It was impossible for me to write while the world was burning. But that all changed last Saturday. Words started to flow again. Come see what I have planned.


Writer’s Block & Trust

This week, I’m trusting the process. The writing process, that is. Doubt has been my white noise for a few years. Always there, even if I wasn’t cognizant of it. Grating. Grinding. Stopping me in my tracks before I had a chance to get started. And I’ve been dangling from the ledge for far too long. Something had to change. On Sunday night as I flipped to a new week in my planner, I wrote words I needed to be reminded of. Trust the process. All of it. My goal this week was to just give in and follow where I was led. When writing, or at least drafting, the…


Putting Writing at the Top of …

Putting my Writing at the TOP of my To-Do List. Help me out, folks. #productivity #amwriting #writing #workathome


I’m Drowning in Files

Despite my adorable puppy on the gloriously clean image of my desktop above, I really suck at organizing files. Not just paper ones but electronic files as well. It has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t have a decent naming system and that I often click Save and my edits end up in some obscure file directory I didn’t even know existed. The only place where I’m fairly decent about this is with my editing and formatting clients. I at least have a system and I save the files to one spot so I can work on them from multiple computers, if need be. But then…


Creative Hiatus

I’ve taken a small hiatus from writing. Okay, a large hiatus. It’s not my longest, by far. At one point, I went well over a year w/o writing words, so the current dry spell hasn’t lasted that long. The last time I really wrote anything new, aside from the dribs and drabs I’ve managed to squeeze from a stone, was last October. Everything else I’ve released since then had already been drafted and was edited beyond that. Aside from about 5,000 words. Slow times happen to me. I’m not one of those authors who can put words on the page every single day without taking a break here and there. Well, I…


Careers, Spotlights, & Dreams

Growing up, my dream was to be a singer. I went to college on a vocal performance scholarship but quickly realized I disliked the constant competition and auditioning. I saw that pinning my hopes and dreams on someone else’s opinion was a quick path to not being able to put food on the table. So halfway through my freshman year, I dropped my vocal performance major with little idea what I wanted to do with my life. I took career assessments to see where my skills and interests met up. I’d taken these tests in the past, and I’ve taken them since. One thing I can say, I’m fairly consistent.…


The Perfect Two

When I set out to write Analog to Digital, I wanted to accomplish three things with the story. First, I wanted to write a feel-good short/novella that would leave smiles on readers’ faces. It needed to be sweet. I tend to infuse most of my stories with some degree of angst, but this was intended to be fluff and sweetness. Second, I wanted to write about an established couple so obviously in love, but who still need to work out their existence beyond their initial HEA. I love writing established couples! I was a couples therapist, after all. I love the genuine struggle they have to navigate in the real world.…


Toolbox Tuesday – Voice Dream Reader

This is one of my favorite tools to use as a writer and editor, but I also use this as a reader. Voice Dream Reader is an app you can download on your phone or tablet that will read text to you. I bought it for my iPhone in the App store, and I’m so glad I did. The app came with Heather and a few other voices. Heather is lovely to listen to, but since most of the characters I read are male, I really wanted a man’s voice. I bought Will, created by Acapela, and have used him the most. More recently I downloaded two new voices created by NeoSpeech:…


Toolbox Tuesday – Your Voice

One thing I love about MM Romance and LGBTQ fiction is reading about people who have different world experiences than I do. I love that, by reading these stories, I’m allowing voices previously stifled to finally be heard, understood, and empathized with. Until MM Romance came along, most LGBTQ fiction, especially those books and movies with gay characters, ended in tragedy. Happily ever afters? No, that didn’t happen. Most ended in a tragic death, loneliness, despair, or self-loathing. Everything changed when MM Romance came on the scene. People who had never considered reading about men falling in love with men were clambering for more books, more varied stories so they…


Toolbox Tuesday – Fan Fiction

This Toolbox Tuesday posts is for readers, writers, and everyone in between because we are all readers. 🙂 In case you’ve never heard of fan fiction, I’ll let Merriam-Webster do the honors of defining it. fan fiction noun 1:  stories involving popular fictional characters that are written by fans and often posted on the Internet —called also fanfic, \-ˈfik\ So why am I including fan fiction as a toolbox item? Several reasons. As a reader, I find fan fiction very easy to fall into. I already like a book or movie or TV show, or even real life celebrities I dream of falling in love, and fan fiction is an extension of…


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