Author of romantic stories about gay and bi men pursuing love and their happily ever afters.

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Muse, I’m over here!

I’m showing up for my muse in 2022 in a way I’ve never attempted before. It’s simple, but a bit ritualistic. Maybe I need that. Do you need to try something new too?

Journals too Precious to Use?

Maybe those journals sitting untouched on your bookshelf are too precious to use. Your stories are more precious because you put your heart and soul into them. I’m trying a new way to use them, and it’s working.

MM Romance Hurt Comfort

Focus on Hurt/Comfort MM Romance this month. Books that reveal genuine heart and vulnerable characters. These 30 books will make you feel!

Ck out all the books: https://books.bookfunnel.com/hurt_comfort/d31xycyw7e

Paper Matters

Through a lot of trail and error, I discovered notebooks I loved, could leave, and ones I wanted by my side every step of the way. Now I’m trying a new system to organize my writing.

Writer Unthawed

I lost all my writing mojo after the 2016 election. It was impossible for me to write while the world was burning. But that all changed last Saturday. Words started to flow again. Come see what I have planned.

A Little “Break” in Routine

How I discovered what an avulsion fracture is and also that I’m a complete, uncoordinated klutz on crutches.

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