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I’ve put Naked Organics back on Kindle Unlimited again. It’s been out of KU for a good nine months, so if you subscribe, now is your chance to read Jude & Hudson’s love story. It’s also available to buy from Amazon, and I have signed paperbacks available too. I’m hoping this will be a push for me to get Fresh Earth finished too.

What is the Naked Organics series about?

Naked Organics is about healing, community, and stewardship of the Earth. It’s set on an intentional community just south of Portland, Oregon, called Kaleidoscope Gardens. This is a commune that freely celebrates sexual expression between same-sex and poly couples, throuples, and more. The series is centered on the men who live in the Yellow House, who have all come there to heal from one thing or another.

Leo is one of the original founders of the commune. He’s fifty-three, has a wild mane of gray hair, and works as a sex therapist in the city despite wishing he had his fingers buried in the dirt. He moved to the commune in the 1980s with his lovers Adam and Rochelle, and they set it up as a sanctuary for queer people to love openly. Adam died several years back, and Rochelle moved on, leaving Leo as the last founder of the commune. He’s a fairly lonely man who has surrounded himself with people he loves on a commune he keeps trying to improved.

Hudson arrived on Kaleidoscope Gardens’ land after hitchhiking across the US. He was rejected by his parents for being gay, sent away to conversion camp, and eventually ran to safety. He’s been living with Leo for over a decade. They’re lovers and friends, but they aren’t in love. More than anything, Hudson wants someone to love all of him enough that they want only him. But that’s not how the Yellow House is set up.

Charlie came to Kaleidoscope Gardens a broken, terrified man after escaping a horribly abusive relationship. You’ll learn much more about those circumstances in Fresh Earth, which I’m currently writing, but suffice it to say, Charlie is the most damaged of the men in the Yellow House, though you’d not know it immediately because he’s jovial and always joking. I can’t wait for you to read his full story. It’s heartbreaking for me to write, but I hope it’s healing as well.

And then there’s Jude. He’s finishing up college and visits Hudson every Saturday at the Portland State University Farmers Market. Sure, he loves the fresh produce, but he loves talking the hot farmer’s ear off too, learning about the commune’s farming practices. In Farm Fresh, his life changes drastically after he asks how he can live on Kaleidoscope Gardens. Moving to a sexually free commune is Jude’s last hope for moving beyond the abuse he experienced in his purity-culture upbringing. Every time he’s tried to have sex in the last four years, he’s been stopped by flashbacks. He wants to heal, and he’d love to finally have sex. With Hudson would be ideal.

While each book in this series focuses on one man’s story, each man’s story is slowly interwoven between all the books. Farm Fresh, while truly Jude’s book, is really where Hudson is pushed to a point where he realizes something has to change if he can ever be the man Jude needs. That leads him to go back home in Picked Fresh to confront his past.

When I wrote this series, I was going to stick to the two main love interests, but in the first two books, Leo and Charlie demanded to be heard, so I listened. In the end, I found the scenes written from their POV to be more powerful than seeing the story from Jude or Hudson’s POV. Looking at a relationship from the outside reveals so much more than what we see from inside the relationship, so I’m glad I listened to Leo and Charlie when they spoke.

Farm Fresh and Picked Fresh are Jude and Hudson’s stories. The next two books, Fresh Earth and Fresh Shared will be Leo and Charlie’s stories, so the focus will shift to them.

That’s why this is a good time to put Naked Organics back on KU. You get to know Leo and Charlie while experiencing the trials and joys of Jude and Hudson fighting past their own demons so they can finally find the love they deserve.

Farm Fresh is Jude’s story.
Picked Fresh is Hudson’s story.
Fresh Earth is Charlie’s story.
Fresh Shares is Leo’s story.

While I work on finishing Charlie and Leo’s stories, you can read all about Jude and Hudson.


  1. Michele
    March 28, 2020 / 8:42 am

    Please, please finish more Naked Organics 🍅🍒🥦🥕🌽🥒🌶

    • March 29, 2020 / 8:30 pm

      I will, I promise. It’s taken me much longer than expected because of life and characters who refuse to talk to me. Hopefully Charlie will start whispered to me again soon. 🙂


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