North Star – The Complete Trilogy

A Friends-to-Lovers, Destined-to-be-Together Romance Love came too early for Hugo and Kevin, but years later, they are gifted a second chance. Hugo and Kevin were best friends and secret lovers back in high school, but they weren’t ready to make a solid commitment. College, other relationships, kids for Kevin, and years got in the way, but a chance meeting at a lake in the middle of nowhere proves the spark that first drew them together burns just as bright. Years later, life is a lot more complex, but falling in love again is easy. Will they get it right this second time around? In Spark, Hugo and Kevin attempt to rekindle…



An Us-Against-the-World Romance ✩ North Star Trilogy ~ Book Three ✩ All he hopes for are moments of calm and a happily ever after. Hugo and Kevin have lived in chaos for months. As they put their lives back together after tragedy, stability is Hugo’s goal. Hugo is acting again. Kevin hires a nanny to help with the kids as they discover their new normal, and Hugo practically lives full time with Kevin, Brooke, and Finn. But Erin’s parents seek full custody of the kids, claiming Kevin is an unfit father because he’s dating Hugo, stirring the pot of chaos again. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hugo’s mere…



A Forbidden-Love Romance ✩ North Star Trilogy ~ Book Two ✩ Things are going too well. The other shoe is bound to drop. Hugo and Kevin are joining their lives in surprising ways. Kevin is more comfortable as a single father, and Hugo loves hanging out with the kids. Even if Hugo is ready for their relationship to move to the next level, he’s patient as Kevin navigates coming out. Kevin is cautious about telling his ex that he’s bisexual, afraid Erin might use that to renegotiate custody. But that’s the least of their worries. When Erin gets a grim diagnosis, family has to be Kevin’s focus. Is their love strong…



A Second-Chance Romance ✩ North Star Trilogy ~ Book One ✩ Spark is book one in the North Star Trilogy, a love story that spans twenty years. Friendship, single fatherhood, family life, angst, hurt/comfort, past abuse themes, medical caregiving, as well as life’s celebrations and challenges are found in this novel. Family is central to this saga that will stick with you long after you finish the series.  342 Pages  | 7-8 Hours  | 91K Words romance saga, friends to lovers, first love, coming of age, second-chance, opposites attract, single dad, romance trilogy, family saga, fatherhood, family life, bisexual Book Two Book Three


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