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Finding Sleep

I’ve been focusing on getting a great night’s sleep for the last year. I’ve struggled with epilepsy my entire life, and when I don’t sleep well, I risk having seizures. Not cool. When my sleep routine is clicking, I can be seizure free even without medication. So sleep is of ultimate importance to me. I struggle to fall asleep because I have a hard time shutting my brain off. I know I’m not alone in that, especially in this day and age. When I was in graduate school and a newlywed, I discovered the power of being read to when John picked up a book one night and started to read…


Remember to Breathe

I’ve had a pretty hectic year. Not so much as a writer, since I’ve only had one new release and four re-releases. But it’s surprising how those re-releases took just as much work, if not more, than polishing up a new story. What’s been crazy is life. My daughter, Poppy, moved to a new school for her junior year, which is already a stressful year for high schoolers in the US, so that transition has been a challenge. She had her heart broken twice, so I had to be her soft spot for a bit, even if she took out her frustration and pain on me, as teens tend to…


New Site

If you have been here before, things will look quite a bit different from even a few weeks ago. New template, new colors, and a semi-familiar logo. Why? Lots of reasons! I took the plunge and moved over to a self-hosted site. I’ve needed to for ages, but the thought was overwhelming and confusing. And I was sure I’d screw it up and somehow my site would end up in the ether leading to nowhere. I’d planned on hiring someone to help do everything for me, but with the medical bills coming our way in the next few months, I need to save every dime. Also, I’m a control freak.…


North Star Rerelease ~ What’s Different?

As I offered advance review copies of Spark to reviewers, I’ve had a few people ask me if this was much different than the original release. The answer is truly, that depends on who you ask. Ask me, and I’m going to say it’s vastly different. Ask a reader, and they’ll likely not notice a ton of difference unless they pull out the original and compare it to the second edition, which I do below. I show how the opening scene in Spark has changed to give you a taste of how the narration has tightened. I also discuss a few other changes. But first, why am I treating this like a…


North Star Trilogy

My North Star Trilogy is being rereleased this summer. New covers, fully re-edited, and it will be on #kindleunlimited for the first time. Ck out Spark, Fusion, and Flare. #gayromance #mmromance #familysaga


New Cover for Bent Arrow

A few years back, I decided to save money and create my own cover for Bent Arrow. I was never in love with it, but more importantly, it didn’t convey the story behind the cover. So I decided to try again, and Bent Arrow now has a cover that conveys the lonely life of an oilman.  Luther loves his single life until Erik shows him what loving really means. Luther’s life is perfect—short-lived jobs, temporary housing, and easy hookups. Inheriting his grandma’s lake house is the last thing he wants, even if the plumbing in his tiny trailer doesn’t work. When Erik arrives to fix Luther’s pipes, a tattoo hints he…


Finally, SPRING!

I’m getting the rights back to North Star and have been working hard to make the stories even better than they were when first released five years ago. I’ve created a sign-up sheet for North Star re-release updates. Come sign up!


Putting Writing at the Top of …

Putting my Writing at the TOP of my To-Do List. Help me out, folks. #productivity #amwriting #writing #workathome


Silver Scars – A story of hope

For the first time since I released Silver Scars back 2015, it’s back on Kindle Unlimited. Read Now   If you’ve not read this book yet, prepare to dive into a story of pain, fear, hurt, and comfort. It’s a story of hope, compassion, healing, and unexpected love that you’re invited to watch unfold from the first time Gil travels since a bomb destroyed his life until he finds his HEA with Keith. I won’t lie and tell you it’s an easy read. It was one of the hardest things I’ve written. So much of the story comes from my own experiences with PTSD, anxiety, and learning to live with chronic pain…


My World This Monday

It’s snowing. A true winter storm with wicked winds, lots of accumulation, and canceled events left and right. I knew this was coming, so when I got a call that my new glasses were in, I didn’t bother to hop in the shower and just drove to get them. Then my kiddo and I got breakfast before I dropped my tax paperwork off at my accountant’s. Then as the snowfall gathered, I lost myself in Excel creating a tracking sheet for sales the rest of the afternoon. So today and the weekend were largely admin stuff. It has to be done, but OMG, I hate it! Haha. Back to editing…


My World this Monday

The release of Love on a Battlefield went off without a hitch. Okay, there were a few. I had to reschedule half of my prescheduled tweets and Facebook chopped off all the details about my book on the post people shared and only showed the photos. I remedied those issues pretty quick. I’m pleased with the release. For a novella, I never allow my expectations get too high because shorter books never sell as well as novels. But I love writing novellas. That length is fun for me, which was the entire reason I worked on that story: writing had turned into drudgery, not fun. So the favorable response is icing.…


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