A Forbidden-Love Romance

✩ North Star Trilogy ~ Book Two ✩

Things are going too well.
The other shoe is bound to drop.

Hugo and Kevin are joining their lives in surprising ways. Kevin is more comfortable as a single father, and Hugo loves hanging out with the kids.

Even if Hugo is ready for their relationship to move to the next level, he’s patient as Kevin navigates coming out. Kevin is cautious about telling his ex that he’s bisexual, afraid Erin might use that to renegotiate custody.

But that’s the least of their worries. When Erin gets a grim diagnosis, family has to be Kevin’s focus.

Is their love strong enough to endure?

Fusion is book two in the North Star Trilogy, a love story that spans twenty years. Friendship, single fatherhood, family life, angst, hurt/comfort, past abuse themes, medical caregiving, as well as life’s celebrations and challenges are found in this novel. Family is central to this saga that will stick with you long after you finish the series.

366 Pages  | 7-8 Hours  | 95K Words

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USA Today Happily Ever After Recommended Read

Twists and turns

I love how the characters in this trilogy have evolved over the span of two novels.

Dog-Eared Daydreams

Another Ace

Beautifully written, poignant, emotional, and sexy. It was not as ‘light’ as Spark – which it obviously couldn’t be, due to the subject matter – but, was every bit as enjoyable.

Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books

Joy & Heartache

Fusion brings us into the building stage of the relationship and as in real life, this is not always smooth and definitely not always easy. […] I enjoy the way the author gives voice to her characters, allows us to travel along with them as their lives change and experience their great joys as well as heartaches.

Live Your Life, Buy the Book

A beautiful tale

A beautiful, deeply moving tale of people joining together to help ease the pain of ravaging life events. In doing so, they break the traditional views of what constitutes a “family” and become shining examples of love and acceptance. I highly recommend both books in the North Star series, and I look forward to reading the next installment with great anticipation!

Prism Book Alliance

Close to Perfection

I loved this!!! For a second installment, despite the heavy topic and the pain and the drama that ensued, this book was as close to perfection for me as possible.

My Fiction Nook

Read This Book!!

You will laugh, you will cry and you will feel every emotion that these characters feel and you will come on the other side all the better for it!!

Pants Off Reviews

Dive into this series immediately

Please do yourself a favor and dive into this series immediately, as the journey is emotional, riveting and awe-inspiring.

Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter

Hugo became my favorite character

[Hugo] could have walked away. He could have simplified his life, focused on himself and his career, and saved a ton of awkwardness, heartache, and strain. But he quickly becomes my favorite character because he does not… I’ve got tears on the edge of my eyelashes as I type that comment, but it is so true.

MM Good Book Reviews

Book One

Book Three

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A Second-Chance Romance
Flare - North Star #3
An Us-Against-the-World Romance


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