• Analog to Digital

    Analog to Digital

    Ethan has been telling lies.

    He says he’s happy with the way things are, but he longs for a deeper commitment with Toby. So spending Christmas Eve at his sister’s wedding is the last thing on his wish list.

    At the ceremony he sees everything he’s dreamed of. It makes him ache for even more, but he knows Toby is allergic to marriage. If he keeps living the status quo, he’ll be lying to the man he loves. But if he admits he wants it all, he risks losing Toby entirely.

    He needs a Christmas miracle. Is it too late?

    Analog to Digital is a heartwarming holiday MM romance novella about long-term lovers afraid to commit. These opposites-attract men take denial to the next level.

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    About the Book

    80 pages  |  1-2 Hours  |  17K Words

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    Rather adorable

    Analog to Digital is a guaranteed smile-inducing holiday read.

    Just Jen
    Dog-Eared Daydreams


    It’s a lovely uplifting short story, with realistic main characters who gained my sympathy and affection. Ethan’s family members are super too.

    Gay Book Reviews

    Baked to Perfection

    This was cuteness and drama poured into a sweet comedy of errors crust, baked to perfection by crispy-fresh writing. A real holiday treat!

    Prism Book Alliance

    Surprises & Twists

    It is a really cute little story that will rock your world. I always did love surprises and little twists to my stories. Posy worked it perfectly and I can say that this was one of my favorite Christmas stories to date.

    MM Good Book Reviews
    Genres: Holiday, MM Romance, Novellas
    Tags: artist, California, established couple, family Christmas, heartwarming, holiday, Minnesota, opposites attract, urban
    Publisher: Boho Press
    Publication Year: 2019
    ASIN: B07TWS4F62
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