Where to Start

Where to Start

Let’s talk tropes.

Which stories draw you in?

Do you have favorite tropes or themes?

Are you making grabby hands for the same types of stories, or do you spice things up every so often?

I’m a sucker for established couples, so you’ll see a few of those in my backlist. I also love angst. Family is a big theme that reappears in my stories as well. But then I go way off the beaten path and try something new, and a whole new trope is opened up for me.

On my page called Books (up at the top menu), you’ll see all the covers of my titles. Once you click a cover, the blurb and all the usual stuff pops up, but then at the bottom of that, you’ll find something that looks like this and reviews below that.

382 Pages  |  8-9 Hours  |  99K Words

Then you’ll find the details section. The tag listing is where you’ll find the tropes or themes in each book. You’ll also find setting, character attributes, and likely a few more random things.

This is what I currently have for tags.

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