Journals too Precious to Use?

Maybe those journals sitting untouched on your bookshelf are too precious to use. Your stories are more precious because you put your heart and soul into them. I’m trying a new way to use them, and it’s working.


Writer Unthawed

I lost all my writing mojo after the 2016 election. It was impossible for me to write while the world was burning. But that all changed last Saturday. Words started to flow again. Come see what I have planned.


Writer’s Block & Trust

This week, I’m trusting the process. The writing process, that is. Doubt has been my white noise for a few years. Always there, even if I wasn’t cognizant of it. Grating. Grinding. Stopping me in my tracks before I had a chance to get started. And I’ve been dangling from the ledge for far too long. Something had to change. On Sunday night as I flipped to a new week in my planner, I wrote words I needed to be reminded of. Trust the process. All of it. My goal this week was to just give in and follow where I was led. When writing, or at least drafting, the…


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