Journaling Small Victories

What do you write in your bullet journal? Do you record the small victories or only the big ones? I’m finding out that during the quarantine of COVID-19, journaling about the small victories is essential to my mental health.


Social Discombobulation

I’m an author who writes at home, an editor who works from home, and a mom who used to homeschool. I enjoy being at home, so I thought all this social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19 would be fairly easy for me. It’s not, and it’s for reasons I didn’t expect. I’m all over the map with my emotions. I have this intense desire to nest and spring clean. I could go to town on my cupboards and closets and drawers, but that desire is warring with my instinct to use this time to write. I also have to edit for clients, but my brain is nowhere near…


Social Isolation Sale

We’ve shut our doors, isolated ourselves to slow the spread of COVID-19 so hospitals have a fighting chance of beating this thing, so now what? WE READ! We’re readers who can gobble up a novel a day, and the Queer Romance Fan Club authors wanted to make that easy on your pocketbooks. If you want to try Kindle Unlimited, now might be a good time, but all the books below are only 99¢/p* and will be yours forever and ever. What a great sampler pack! Try out an author new to you. *some authors were only able to get sales in the US and UK.


The Transition to Social Isolation

Social isolation sounds scary. It sounds like being cut off from everyone we love, unable to speak to them to find out what’s going on in their lives. Thankfully, with the modern-day inventions, we have multiple tools to help us stay in touch. We aren’t relying on the Pony Express to get news from our loved ones or the world. But being stuck at home is a shift for a lot of people. This goes beyond a long weekend or a planned vacation. This is vastly different. There will be a transition time. Let me repeat that. There will be transition time. Expect it. Plan for it. And don’t beat…


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