2016 Rainbow Awards

While I slept for the nearly two days, fighting fever and other unmentionables, Farm Fresh was named as a runner-up in the Rainbow Awards. I’d already learned of the Honorable Mentions, which thrilled me, so to have Farm Fresh named a runner-up in the Contemporary Gay Romance category blew my mind. It’s not a traditional romance, and I never expected it to be given a nod let alone get so far. When I learned of this through the cloud of my fever- and drug-stupor, I was beyond the moon. I now have three badges to post next to Farm Fresh, and more importantly, $14,000 were donated to LGBT charities.


Silver Scars—2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

Silver Scars was awarded with an 2015 Rainbow Award Honorable mention! Yay! Click through to read! Source: reviews_and_ramblings | 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Silver Scars by Posy Roberts A bomb destroyed high-powered lawyer Gil Lemieux’s seemingly perfect life, and PTSD has ruled every decision since the explosion that left him scarred inside and outside. Moving home with his mom is meant to be a temporary measure, just like proofreading for a medical editorial firm is meant to be a stopgap. But two years after taking on the wrong court case, he’s still living in fear. Keith Kramer might be based 1,500 miles away from Gil, but their shared work…


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