Quill & Brush

Prioritizing writing is a hard when my house is a disaster, so I’m taking taking charge again, one bamboo brush at a time.


Puppy Must-Haves

I’ve mentioned I’m a bit taken by my dog before. Who me? Yeah. Totally head over heels for this little creature! But she’s going to have me going broke soon. I keep buying her things. Some of that is because of recommendations from other pet owners, some from the dog trainer or the vet, but mostly it’s because I love spoiling her! It seemed like every puppy class we went to, I walked out with something new. The latest purchase was this green ball/cage thingy. She loves it now that she’s teething. It gets to the molars, which makes her happy. You can put treats inside too. I haven’t tried that…


Do You Want an Olive With …

Why yes, I guess I do! My life has been taken over by an adorable creature with so much charisma, I can only do one thing: say yes. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far. I do say no, or at least I redirect said creature to a more productive or healthier option … like not chewing my fingers! I do need my fingers to type, after all, though lately, I’ve been having to stretch very far to even reach my keyboard because … well, she‘s in the way. This is Olive, our new pup, and an addition to our family I was initially reluctant about considering because of the special…


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