Where to Start

I wanted to give you an easy way to help figure out which book would be best for your tastes right at the moment. So I present a partially completed menu and flavor system. Most of my books will have a fusion of flavors, and I’ll do my best to put the strongest note first or near the top.

Spice Rack


Sage leaves isolated on whiteThink main courses, rich with herbs and spices. This is dark and earthy, heavy in parts, but with a nice finish that leaves you well satisfied at the end.


Oranges on a branch with leaves IsolatedThink dessert or fresh fruit like a juicy orange, still warm from the tree. Mmm.


Red hot chili peppers on the forkThink kink. This story will have a little unconventional heat, but each reader’s taste will determine just how hot they find it.


coffee beansThink espresso or dark chocolate. Perhaps even a nice, hoppy IPA that lingers on the tongue. These stories may stick with you for a time.

posy-minicard-back-pickedfresh posy-minicard-back-farmfresh posy-minicard-back-silverscars  posy-minicard-back-spark posy-minicard-back-fusion posy-minicard-back-flare posy-minicard-back-bentarrow posy-minicard-back-cheeky posy-minicard-back-feathersAnalogToDigitalMiniCardTangledMindMiniCardStrokeofLuckMiniCardposy-minicard-back-fallintoyouMomoMiniCard