Bridger Jenkins’ life has felt like a huge puzzle with only the edges put together since he realized he’s not straight. Trying to understand the radically novel culture of dating men is confusing because Bridger wants to find love, and all the men he meets only want sex.

When he befriends Stone Moore, he finds a man he can talk to about anything. Stone helps Bridger make sense of his new sexuality, helping him sort through the pieces so he is more comfortable. Bridger can’t help falling for Stone in the process, even if Stone only wants friendship.

Will Stone be the last piece of Bridger’s puzzle, or will they find they simply don’t click into place?

Twin Windows2

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They live in identical buildings with windows facing each other and every morning he sits and hopes to watch the man across the alley wake.

*Very short, voyeurism with knowledge and consent.


This is a follow-up story about Simon & Thomas from my book, Fall Into You. It’s set in modern day, years after the book ended, so you get to see where they ended up.

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