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Medically Necessary? I Guess So.

I recently got a review that mentioned how Fall Into You’s blurb didn’t say anything about there being medical problems that the characters encountered and that if it had, the reader would’ve picked the book up sooner because she really likes to read about those themes. I didn’t mention the medical issues in the blurb because I didn’t want to ruin that bit in the story. In fact, there were many things I left out of the blurb that maybe should’ve been put in. Oh well. It was my first book and I learned how to write a blurb by doing so. Next time, I don’t think I’ll be as…


The Kinsey Scale

Great image.


Read While You Vote

I have the perfect solution for the long wait Americans might have to endure while voting on Tuesday. How about buying a book, uploading it to your e-reader, iPad, or phone, and settling in to read about two guys falling in love with each other. Oh, and I have the perfect book for you. But, before I get to that, I should make sure you know where to go to vote.  Google has some nice tools for you to use.  Either do a search for “Where do I vote?” or go here to not only input your address, but also see a sample of what will be on your ballot.…


National Coming Out Day

Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. You may hear news from people you know, or you may hear nothing at all. Either way, this day was conceived as a way for LGBTQ people to celebrate coming out and help raise awareness of the LGBTQ community and civil rights. In my state of Minnesota this November, people are being asked to vote on an amendment that will write discrimination against LGBTQ Minnesotans into our state constitution if passed.  If you live in Minnesota or know anyone who does, have a conversation with them and ask them to vote NO. It wasn’t that many months ago that I finally, officially checked the…


America: A No Touch Zone

My daughter was called a lesbian yesterday at school because she sat on a female aide’s lap. When she told me, I asked her, “What do you think about that?” She responded, “What’s the big deal? There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian.” I agree. What’s the big deal? This kid meant it as an insult but my daughter didn’t take it as such. The reason? I think it’s because my daughter knows LGBT men and women. We are people to her, not labels. I’ve gone out of my way to introduce my child to the diversity in our world, from choosing to live in one of the few culturally diverse communities…


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