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Get Out of the Kitchen

The whole “let’s quit performing all weddings at courthouses because a few clerks don’t want to perform same-sex weddings” debacle in Florida is crazy to me. It’s adults having temper tantrums because they’re being asked to perform a duty for their job. I certainly have moral dilemmas in my own job, but I still have to perform the duties I’ve been hired to do. For instance, I think No Child Left Behind is doing far more harm than good in our country. Teachers are being judged based on how their students perform. That would be fine and dandy if kids all started off on a level playing field: had the…


I Want Your Opinion

I’m getting ready to send out my very first newsletter. I subscribe to several of my fave authors’ newsletters so I can stay up to date on what on their upcoming books. I found it helpful and a time saver, so I thought I’d give my readers the same opportunity. Now I’m stuck on the timing of when to sent it out, because I’m wondering if people preorder books or if they’d rather wait until the book is out. So I created a quick survey.  If you’d be so kind as to take a minute to answer 6 questions, I’ll be able to meet your needs better. Thanks. CLICK to…


Twist Arms – Lose Friends

You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s latest scam, going after performers who don’t use their legal names on the site. Yes, it’s a scam to get money, so I’m calling it how I see it. The legal name is in their TOS, so they have every right to kick people off their site, even if it’s the most despicable thing I can think of. They claim if you are a performer, artist, author, or anyone else who works under some sort of alias, that opening up a Page is the way to go. Cue record scratch. Wait now, what? You mean Facebook wants people to use the horrid tool they call Pages—and…


Virginal Pride

I attended my first event as an author among potential readers this last weekend along with Tina Blenke and Kaje Harper. Tina did an amazing job of setting all this up and organizing it and a reader friend and her husband helped with all the physical hauling. Up until now, I’ve only gone to writing workshops where all the other attendees were also authors. I love those things, because those people just got it. Or me. It was the same way at Pride. I got to talk to readers and potential readers about all sorts of things. I sold some books. I talked to other M/M Romance lovers. I met an artist who I’d…


Coming Out in Our Own Ways

So why on earth would someone who identifies as bisexual and is technically out be afraid to tell their family they are dating someone of the same sex? That’s been a common question in the last few months related to a character I wrote. My character Cal in Feathers From the Sky has a very loving family who has known in theory that he identifies as bisexual since he was in high school. Now at age 26, he is basically coming out again or in a new way, because all his family has known about him is that he dates women. They’ve never once seen him with a man. Coming…


Bi Pride

Charley Descoteaux allowed me to play on her blog. Play might not be the best word considering I wrote about dispelling myths that are readily spread about bisexuals. Come on and read what happened after I came out as bi to my husband after we’d been married for fifteen years. We both learned a lot in the last several years. Bi Pride Week: Posy Roberts


Watch: Porn Sex vs. Real Sex

Charley Descoteaux shared this video on Facebook, and I knew I wanted to spread the joy here within about thirty seconds. Funny. Kitchen appliances and food!  


From Mommy Blogger to M/M …

I blogged back in the beggining of blogs. That’s not that far back in real time, but it seems like ages ago based on how quickly the internets have changed since then. I was one of the first mommy bloggers. I know, you’re thinking “Ick!” right? It fit me at the time. I have more than one degree in child development. I work with families in my real life job. I was a fairly new mom. But I sort of came to it by accident. Here’s how. My baby (she just turned 11) was born with several internal structure things wrong with her. They called them mid-line defects. She had problems…


Boxes Aren’t for People

I’ve been so busy editing and writing and filling out forms that I’ve had no time to write here. How horrid! I get very introverted in the summer which is probably what helps me get all the words down on paper. See, I have to be the ultimate extravert at my day job for nine months of the year, so in the summer I nest. I shut the doors, windows, blinds, and drapes, and I’m totally cool if they don’t open until I’m getting ready to go somewhere. This is the joy of being an ambivert, both introverted and extraverted. I understand both sides extremely well, and I do both…


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