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From Mommy Blogger to M/M …

I blogged back in the beggining of blogs. That’s not that far back in real time, but it seems like ages ago based on how quickly the internets have changed since then. I was one of the first mommy bloggers. I know, you’re thinking “Ick!” right? It fit me at the time. I have more than one degree in child development. I work with families in my real life job. I was a fairly new mom. But I sort of came to it by accident. Here’s how. My baby (she just turned 11) was born with several internal structure things wrong with her. They called them mid-line defects. She had problems…


Boxes Aren’t for People

I’ve been so busy editing and writing and filling out forms that I’ve had no time to write here. How horrid! I get very introverted in the summer which is probably what helps me get all the words down on paper. See, I have to be the ultimate extravert at my day job for nine months of the year, so in the summer I nest. I shut the doors, windows, blinds, and drapes, and I’m totally cool if they don’t open until I’m getting ready to go somewhere. This is the joy of being an ambivert, both introverted and extraverted. I understand both sides extremely well, and I do both…


In For The Long Haul

I’m one of those people that if often labeled “passionate.” I’m okay with that because it’s often true, but I only get passionate about a few, choice things, even if those things are on a perpetual carrousel. That comes with being a Jill of all trades and a master of none, I suppose. One of the things that I am very passionate about is relationships. You’re surprised, right? Haha. I thought not. What I mean to say is really this: I value people taking the time to make relationships work. That’s not to say that all relationships are worth working on. Sometimes breakups and divorce just need to happen. I…


Twin Cities Pride

I finally got to a Pride celebration larger than a postage stamp with a few unenthusiastic individuals sitting around a courtyard wordlessly handing out flyers. That’s Pride in my small, conservative town. I’m hoping this year will be better now that we have marriage equality in Minnesota, but the fact that we don’t even celebrate Pride here during June even ticks me off. So, I went to Twin Cities Pride with a friend and had a fun time. There was a ton of enthusiasm and people everywhere! I was immediately jazzed and probably looked like a totally out-of-towner. Oh well. I don’t care! I had fun! Here are some highlights.…


It’s Real!

The impact of the DOMA’s demise is having real effects on people’s lives. Binational married couples are now able to apply and be granted a green card for their foreign-born spouse so repeated goodbyes like these seen in the video below will no longer have to happen. Parents will have a much easier time providing for their children, both legally and financially, without having to file stacks and stacks of paperwork. Two medical insurance plans can now become one. Social Security benefits. Military benefits, which include housing and so much more. Married LGBT couples will be able to file taxes and check the box that says Married, Filing Jointly. There…


Life Skills

Today I’m taking the time to teach my daughter how to do laundry. She is nearly 11, but is a very slight little girl. She is short and most of our laundry supplies are stored in a cupboard above my washer and dryer, so they weren’t in easy reach for her until the last six months or so. She’s one of those kids who wears a pair of jeans once or even for a few hours and then throws them in the dirty clothes. Or else, she’ll wear the same shirt for days. So, a typical kid. I’m hoping that this will save me time in the end, and of…


Pissing on the Golden Arches

I’m pissed off at the moment. The McDonald’s close to my house totally sucks. Hubs went quick before he took the car—our only car—out to spend time with a friend. I’m foodless now because McDonald employees there are incompetent. You’d think the person in the drive-thru would’ve said, “We don’t have that anymore. Would you like something else?” when hubby ordered the Daily Double. But no. They just loaded the bag with one sandwich for my kid and 2 fries. If this were only the first time this had happened, I could forgive it. As fate would have it, this happens on a day when I’m carless. And so, I…


Relaxing Day

Yesterday I went to a friend’s house to spend some time with her and to let our girls play. The girls decided to have a lemonade stand. Us big girls chose to drink Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy and play with wire. My friend is a jewelry designer. This is what I came up with. It was so much fun. Perfect day.



  I’ve been coloring mandalas all day long to get me past my writer’s block. Coloring helps my mind just let go and mandalas make me concentrate on form and color rather than words. Drinking hard cider doesn’t hurt either.  


Parenting an LGBT Savvy Kid

On May 14, 2013 I signed my fifth-grade daughter out of school and drove to St. Paul, Minnesota so she could be part of history. Governor Mark Dayton signed the Marriage Equality bill into law. I met a friend there as well. She brought her six-year-old son for the same reason. This was history in the making and we wanted our kids to be there for this moment. This was big. We cheered and smiled and sat out in the super hot sun with sweat dripping down our backs, because this was important. Then we went downtown and celebrated. People were so happy. I’ve made very conscious choices about talking to…


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