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I Guess I’m Sparkling….

My kid has called me Twilight Sparkle for years….


I’m Still Standing

I’ve taken on a new challenge, completely self-imposed. I seem to have a greater chance of succeeding on those rather than external challenges. Writing is a notoriously sedentary job. All the hours getting stories down on the page, reading and editing, and then doing the promotion to sell those stories takes a toll. My upper back (just above bra strap land) has been crying out in pain for months. When that happens I get headaches, my arms go oddly numb, and every so often I get light headed. When I had to abandon my editing to care for my mother post-surgery, I got off my butt and walked around a…


December 29, 1994

Twenty years ago today, I married my husband. If anyone wants to offer us some conversation starters, my hubby and I are going out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. There will be no child, no talk of bills, parenting, the house, homeschooling, work, writing, or anything else that is not lover related. All questions will be considered.


Seeking the Perfect Cover Photo

For weeks I’ve been looking through stock photo sites for an image to use on the cover of my next book. My main character Gil is a man closing in on 40 who has been through a traumatic event that changed his life and left him with scars. Since then, he’s decided to shave his head bald and often hides under a fedora. Try finding photos of bald men on stock photo site, and you usually end up with three types of shots. Exercise fanatics – Because if you don’t have hair, you need muscles to make up for the loss? Uh… no. The wah wah guy – Life never goes his way.…


STOP with the Gay For You, …

I hate that label. It’s used on Goodreads all the time with my books because I write about bisexual men. They are bisexual, not gay for you or for anyone! Never have I written about a straight guy who suddenly decides he’s going to give it up for another guy for whatever reason, but I’ve surely written about men who are bisexuals who are inexperienced with same-sex relationships or who later in life come to terms with their same-sex attraction. This is not at all the same thing as gay for you. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive because I’m bisexual and I’m SO sick of bi-erasure that I could spit. Like spit hard…


Open Project(s)

I’m writing a novella, and I have a short story that I have waiting in the wings. But first I need to finish this novella. I am one of those writers who needs things completed before they can move on, and it drives me a little (a lot) nuts. So, today I will be scheming how to finish this story up. I got to a place where I thought I was done, but then realized I really wasn’t. So I need to write a few new scenes and the new ending today so I can work on my short story. Am I the only author out there who can’t move…


Coming Out in Our Own Ways

So why on earth would someone who identifies as bisexual and is technically out be afraid to tell their family they are dating someone of the same sex? That’s been a common question in the last few months related to a character I wrote. My character Cal in Feathers From the Sky has a very loving family who has known in theory that he identifies as bisexual since he was in high school. Now at age 26, he is basically coming out again or in a new way, because all his family has known about him is that he dates women. They’ve never once seen him with a man. Coming…


A Great & Busy Day!

Flare was mentioned in USA Today! How great is that? I’m also on Dreamspinner Press’s blog today talking about all sorts to things. Come interact with me. I’m asking all sorts of questions. One or two are bound to spark your interest. Not to mention, I’m talking about Hugo and Kevin. 😀  Happy day! And of course, Flare was released today!


Loss & Grief

I’ve written about the death of a parent on more than one occasion in fiction. It’s a familiar topic for me because at age 5, my father was gone. He was all of 46 years old when he died of his last heart attack. Yes, he had more than one, the first being in 1968, the last in 1976 with him dying in January of the new year. So I essentially grew up fatherless, according to most people, but my dad always played a role in my life. His name was Robert, so when I was hunting for a surname for my pen name, I didn’t have to look every…


I Suck @ Twitter

There. I said it. I totally suck when it comes to microblogging. I didn’t always. I have friends who used to get all excited when I’d pop on my original twitter and start dweeting porn. Dweeting = Drunk + Tweeting. Porn is self-explanatory. 😉 Yep, I’d have two or three glasses of wine, start watching a great scene on my laptop that I’d either link to or credit, and then I’d start describing in graphic detail what was happening on screen, along with my candid reactions.  You didn’t need to watch to know what was going on. What happened? I opened my @PosyRoberts Twitter account, and I froze. Suddenly Twitter…


I Thought I Knew

I thought I knew everything about these characters after working with them for so long. At the very least, I thought I knew the parts of them they were willing to share, things I wasn’t even willing to blatantly share with readers because when Kevin whispered the secrets about how much his father’s emotional abuse hurt him, I knew I needed to stay quiet about the details. But tonight as I finished up my third edits with my publisher on Flare, book 3 of North Star, I had an epiphany. Yes, it was that big. My heart nearly beat its way out of my chest as I excitedly told my…


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