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Simple Comforts

Yesterday at four-ish in the afternoon, just before the sun was thinking about getting ready for bed, my husband walked into my office and said, “I started a fire.” I was seconds away from working, but I’ve had a hell of a time concentrating this last week. It’s been like pulling teeth. Starts and stops. Stalls galore. So I decided to lay my work aside and go sit outside in the beautiful fall air and enjoy a fire in my backyard. John and I had a great conversation, as we often do around a fire. There’s something about the focus being on those orange and black embers rather than on faces…


Coloring Fun & Giveaway

I love to color. I love to read. So what better than coloring something related to a book? Or so I thought as I was messing with some graphics of a VW camper. I have 2 advanced reading copies of Picked Fresh, which isn’t released until June 23rd, up for grabs. If interested in entering, this needs to be done by Sunday, June 19th. What I want from you is this: Print off or copy the image below. Color it! Have fun! You can use whatever medium you prefer, even digital. Share your completed image on the social media of your choice using the hashtags on the bottom of the…


Common Goals

Community is everything. Some people have a very strong sense of belonging in nearly every community they interact with, while others don’t feel that connectedness at all. As with most things, I’m right in the middle of the road on that sliding scale. When I was teaching I was very much involved in everything. I couldn’t go buy toilet paper without being stopped in Target by a student or two. My husband took to finishing the shopping while I chatted. On the flip side of that, I’ve also lived where I felt very isolated. The last time, I had just had a baby who ended up spending months in the hospital.…


Posy the Robot Update

Today I got my VNS device settings adjusted, which I’ll do every two months until we get up to the point that my vagal nerve is being stimulated 49% of the time, the therapeutic level to help prevent my epileptic seizures. Last time I visited the nurse who does these adjustments, I’d just had a seizure out in the waiting room because one of my huge triggers was out there. I was nervous and I’d been wheezing each time my VNS activated. She fixed all that. She made some adjustments to input, output, wave length, wave duration stuff that I don’t understand. But she made my experience with the VNS much…


My Blogging Birth & Rebirth

I first blogged in 2002 because of an ailing baby, now I write fiction and pretend I don’t have a blog. This much change. #rebirth


Chaos and Stars

It’s a Friday night here. I have a glass of wine to my right and my phone updating to my left. My “near the end of her life” dog is wandering the house, clicking her nails against the hardwood floor and setting my husband into a tailspin of frustration. Frustration. I think that’s this week’s word. SO much frustration here. Yet there have been wonderful things happening too. But let’s start pissy and end up positive so we all leave smiling. Shall we? As I’m driving home from a lovely weekend art festival trip in Wisconsin with a friend, my kid follows my request and texts my hubby to see how…


I’m a Worker Bee!

August is a busy time for a lot of people. With summer’s end closing in much too quickly along with getting the kid ready to go back to school, it feels like time has sped up exponentially to me. Throw in several freelance editing jobs, surgery recovery, and vacation, and every time I blink, I swear another week has passed. I’m debating when to release a few things. I have a lot in the works. I need to get my butt in gear on creating the paperback version of Silver Scars, but that requires learning a new program and deciding if I want to change the look of the book. Hopefully…


Frankie – Secondary Character <3

I’m going to confess loving one of my secondary characters in Silver Scars, and from some of the reviews the book has gotten, I’m not the only one. I don’t love Frankie as much as Gilbert or Keith, but it’s close. Here’s a little taste of the kind of friend Frankie is to Gil in Silver Scars. You’re my oldest friend. I couldn’t leave you to deal with this shit alone. It might’ve been what you thought you wanted, but that’s utter bullshit. You need friends. You need people to love you, especially when you shove them away. Frankie and Gil have been friends since their preteen years and they’ve…


Coloring While Adulting

I remember my mom taking me to the local store, buying me that box of 64 Crayola crayons, holding the box in my lap on our drive home, and cracking open that lid. I remember the smell. It was distinctive, and no, Prang or Roseart crayons didn’t smell the same. Usually the box of 64 crayons was purchased because it was on my school supply list. If I wanted to color at home, there was a box shoved in a cabinet next to an old soup can decorated with macaroni and glitter that held pencils. Some of the crayons were broken or the paper was peeled off so I had…


Surgical Scars

I’m very much a suffer in silence sort of person, choosing to redirect my focus on anything but my struggles. Occasionally my body demands to be heard. It’s a Friday evening, the time when a lot of people are considering what to do for the night. Go out? Rent a film? Go to bed? I’m just waking up from a nap that was essentially forced on me after I had a seizure a few hours ago. When I woke to take my evening dose of medication, I had another one on the way to my bottle of pills. I forced myself to not go back to sleep after that. For…


Edits and Erotica and Branding, oh …

There is so much news to share, including some exciting new projects.


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