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PTSD-lite, PTSD-gritty

For those of you who’ve read Love on a Battlefield and crave a grittier look at PTSD than what I portrayed in that book, I’d like to recommend Silver Scars to you. Gil’s life is destroyed after an explosion left him shattered. When he meets Keith, a man living with struggles of his own, Gil feels hope again. Gil’s PTSD is not a result of war like Andrew’s was, but it’s just as powerful. Maybe more so. I actually poured a lot of my own PTSD and anxiety into Gil’s experience and I pretty much wrote Silver Scars as therapy to get me through a deeply troubling time in my own…


New Release: Love on a Battlefield

Love on a Battlefield is out. #NewRelease #gayromance #firsttimes #secondchances #foreverlove #amwriting #giveaway #romance Buy Links: books2read.com/LoveonaBattlefield Read More.


My World this Monday

  North Star Trilogy This week I’m finishing up a major restructure and edit of Spark. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m getting the rights back to the entire North Star Trilogy later this year and each book is going to be re-edited. Spark is getting the most work. I’ve restructured how the book is laid out, moving scenes around, combining some, and cutting a lot of words. I’ve added scenes as well, reworked the climax of the book to make it stronger, and added a bit more to both Kevin and Hugo’s heroic journies. While I don’t want to change the meat and bones of the story, I am cutting some…


I’m Drowning in Files

Despite the gloriously clean image of my desktop above, I really suck at organizing files. Not just paper ones but electronic files as well. It has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t have a decent naming system and that I often click Save and my edits end up in some obscure file directory I didn’t even know existed. The only place where I’m fairly decent about this is with my editing and formatting clients. I at least have a system and I save the files to one spot so I can work on them from multiple computers, if need be. But then years after I’m done…


It all started on a GeoCities …

In that last year or so, I have neglected my website. I used to blog nearly every day. That was a long time ago and before I started writing fiction. back when blogging was actually my out and one of my few connections to the world. I was living in a small, conservative town where even the mayor’s wife was considered an outsider after having lived there for 25 years and being the #1 childcare within twenty miles. They were my neighbors, and it wasn’t until we were packing our house into a moving van that she shared that with me. We lived in that small town for five years.…


Playlist: Love on a Battlefield

I haven’t created a ton of playlists for books I’ve written. Part of that is that it’s impossible for me to write while I’m listening to music. Music was truly my first language. I was picking out notes on a keyboard from a song I just heard as a toddler and was composing before I could write. So my attention goes to music before anything else. It’s a soul language to me, as cheesy as that sounds. Haha. But music truly speaks to me in a way words don’t. As I wrote Love on a Battlefield I kept wondering what music Andrew and Shep would be listening to throughout the story.…


Ask the Author

Over in the QRFFC we’ve started answering some reader questions. I thought I’d share my answers here as well. If you’d like to read other author’s answers, come join the group. Queer Romance Freebie & Fan Club What made you decide to become an author? I’ve always been writing, but the shift from writing just for me to being willing to share my stuff was transformational. I have journals from high school that I’d die if anyone ever read them. Teen angst dripping from poorly constructed poetry. I wrote academically for years and always found regurgitating facts settling but boring. It was a means to an end: degrees and a career.…


Good Riddence, 2017

I’m ready for a new year, but before I get there, I felt like I needed to find the silver lining in the shit sandwich that was 2017. 😉


Do You Want an Olive With …

Why yes, I guess I do! My life has been taken over by an adorable creature with so much charisma, I can only do one thing: say yes. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a bit far. I do say no, or at least I redirect said creature to a more productive or healthier option … like not chewing my fingers! I do need my fingers to type, after all, though lately, I’ve been having to stretch very far to even reach my keyboard because … well, she‘s in the way. This is Olive, our new pup, and an addition to our family I was initially reluctant about considering because of the special…


A Truly Relaxing Vacation

I spent a week at the lake. The cabin has been in my hubby’s family since the 1950s and inspired Summer’s cabin in North Star, the one in Spark. This is the lake where Hugo and Kevin fall in love again, years after drifting apart. It was fantastic to spend a week in this place where Kevin and Hugo’s story was literally spun as I floated on the waves. Scenes came so vividly to me here on the water. I often couldn’t get to shore fast enough to type them into my laptop. It’s been a special place where many stories have been either conceived, written, or polished. There is very limited…


Careers, Spotlights, & Dreams

Growing up, my dream was to be a singer. I went to college on a vocal performance scholarship but quickly realized I disliked the constant competition and auditioning. I saw that pinning my hopes and dreams on someone else’s opinion was a quick path to not being able to put food on the table. So halfway through my freshman year, I dropped my vocal performance major with little idea what I wanted to do with my life. I took career assessments to see where my skills and interests met up. I’d taken these tests in the past, and I’ve taken them since. One thing I can say, I’m fairly consistent.…


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