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Yesterday as I listened to the SCOTUS arguments in the DOMA case on my laptop, I got an email. I was relaxing in the tub at the time and nearly ignored it. I’m so glad I didn’t. North Star – Rekindled is going to be published. Dreamspinner wants my story. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. NO. Literally, I can’t wait.


Medically Necessary? I Guess So.

I recently got a review that mentioned how Fall Into You’s blurb didn’t say anything about there being medical problems that the characters encountered and that if it had, the reader would’ve picked the book up sooner because she really likes to read about those themes. I didn’t mention the medical issues in the blurb because I didn’t want to ruin that bit in the story. In fact, there were many things I left out of the blurb that maybe should’ve been put in. Oh well. It was my first book and I learned how to write a blurb by doing so. Next time, I don’t think I’ll be as…


Inside My Head

A lot of writers live inside their heads. I know I sure do. I create wonderful worlds where everyone lives in harmony or tragic ones where people kill and maim and burn. I set people up to fall in love then make them fall out of love in such a sad way that I occasionally question my own sanity. And that all happens on the drive to my daughter’s school and back in the morning. Sometimes these stories are happily played out in my head as I go about my life and I’m content to simply release them again, untold. Other times, I feverishly scribble ideas on notebooks or clumsily…


Forward Momentum is Good!

My next book is in the hands of nine people, at the moment. Lots of eyes are scanning my words to tell me what they think of them. I’m nervous and excited. Mostly excited, because I’m so ready for this story to be submitted. I want to share Hugo and Kevin with the world, because both of them have been such amazing companions over the last several months.


The Power of Keeping Secrets

I was raised with the notion that secrets, all secrets, were a bad thing, so I shared all. If I didn’t, I experienced guilt and felt as if I were lying by omission. I went to my mom in the middle of the night after I lost my virginity and felt this immense relief after getting it off my chest and confessing to her what had happened. It was powerful. At that time in my life, it felt as if secrets were an infection that needed to be exposed to air so I could be healed. The very first fiction I wrote was a story about how keeping secrets, those undisclosed hush-hush…


Why You Shouldn’t Make Fun …

My home state has gotten a lot of flack over the years and North Dakotan’s are known to be fiercely loyal to our state. I’m not sure why, especially considering many of us couldn’t have gotten out of there faster. I moved away for the last time when I was all of 27 years old and have only been back to visit family. Yet, when people complain about the cold weather (it’s just as cold here in Minnesota), or go on and on about how flat it is (only in the Red River Valley. Where I grew up it was hilly and there were even trees!), or do something as…


A Tribute To Bob

I’m thinking about Bob.  I went to high school with him, and I just found out he died last night. He was young, only forty-one. I didn’t know him anymore, but we hung out with many of the same friends in high school, especially after I started acting in plays and musicals and then became a thespian with him. ,Bob was irreverent when fitting in was still cool. He was sassy and snarky and had a biting wit, making obscure references to old Hollywood or theater that I could barely follow, but I laughed anyway because his laugh was infectious. He was out there but in a way that even in…


I Dread This Edit

Switching gears from one story to another has always been a challenge for me. It’s one of the very huge reasons why I cannot seem to work on numerous projects like so many other authors seem to be able to do. Even with my next story being a true continuation of the book I just sent to beta, I’m having a hard time. I haven’t switched characters or worlds or genres or any of that other stuff that often gets in the way of transitioning. I haven’t even jumped a year in time or anything as crazy as that.  My characters have aged all of a month since I said goodbye to…



I got a tweet from my friend and fellow author, Con Riley, today, informing me that my book was on Dreamspinner’s Best Seller list. Pretty cool! I’m on the best seller list over at Rainbowebooks too. I’m psyched! Thank you! Of course, to put that in perspective, just go to Amazon to see this: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #40,125 Paid in Kindle Store.  There’s the reality.  😉 Then again, I never started writing to sell a ton of books.  I write because I like to write.  I’m psyched I’ve sold any books at all.


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