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Nesting my Loves

I love to write because I get to create worlds and make characters do things I’d never be able to do. That includes being able to say all those wonderfully bitchy id things that rush though my head, that my superego always shoves aside and chooses to ignore so my ego can stay intact. Damn psychology, and fuck me for just using Freudian theory! I love to read too. I love being taken on a ride someone else planned for me. I love having tears ripped from me and laughter bubbling up. Right now, B.G. Thomas is making me laugh like a manic. I have a feeling, he will soon…


A Dozen

Minnesota Senate Approves Marriage Equality | Advocate.com. My beloved state did it. We passed marriage equality. WE DID IT! I remember feeling something similar to this, but it pales in comparison to how I feel right this second. In 1991 the Minnesota Twins won the World Series. I was in college and not paying much attention to the series at all until there was a dull roar that grew and grew to such a racket that I looked out my dorm room, abandoning my studies. The 3000+ students that went to my small college had poured out of their dorms and were running down the streets cheering and smiling and…


Tweeting and Connecting

Watching a live event while tweeting can be super fun. I did that during the presidential debates last fall, on last Thursday I did it when the MN House debated marriage equality, and right now I’m tweeting about the same debate in the MN Senate. I’m connecting with people who are just as passionate about this issue as me. I’m “chatting” with locals and people who aren’t local who still give just as much of a damn about this as I do. That’s just plain cool! I love technology. If you want to follow me on Twitter, come on!  


I write Male/Male Romance because…

“Why do you write that?” I know I’m not the only female M/M romance writer to get that question. I’ve gotten it from super close friends more often than people who barely know me, though I recently got it from my seat mate on a plane too. It’s not an easy answer, at least not one that can be thrown out with a sassy quip, as much as I wish it could be. That would mean I didn’t answer the question truthfully. “Why not?” is the answer I often hear from other M/M writers. It’s quicker than what I’m about to say, that’s for sure. I’ve even answered that way…


What Old People Think About Gay …

This is all sorts of adorable.


Social Solitude

In many ways, I’m not that typical writer living a quiet life of solitude. I’m quite social. Well, I’m social at times. I have an extremely social job where I’m paid to talk and spark great discussions in my parent education classes each day. At the end, I’m often exhausted and more than happy to shut up and go back inside my head to live surrounded by the dull roar in there. I like that noise better. My characters are also easier to deal with… most of the time. But I wonder if the tendency to live inside my head—my introversion—is what saves me from all the outward focus in…


There Be Authors Galore!

Once I’m awake, I’m awake, so while my roommates dozed away, I hopped into the shower. Roommates? Yes. I’m at Dreamspinner Press‘s author conference. I’m sleeping in a bed with Jon Treadway and the gentle clicks of Jaime Samms‘ keyboard lulled me to sleep last night. It’s been great putting faces to all the names I’ve seen online for ages and even better to see that there’s this community of fairly like-minded people in the world. Fairly? Yes. Who wants a bunch of clones in a room? Imagine the bad jokes that could come out of that!



Yesterday as I listened to the SCOTUS arguments in the DOMA case on my laptop, I got an email. I was relaxing in the tub at the time and nearly ignored it. I’m so glad I didn’t. North Star – Rekindled is going to be published. Dreamspinner wants my story. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. NO. Literally, I can’t wait.


Medically Necessary? I Guess So.

I recently got a review that mentioned how Fall Into You’s blurb didn’t say anything about there being medical problems that the characters encountered and that if it had, the reader would’ve picked the book up sooner because she really likes to read about those themes. I didn’t mention the medical issues in the blurb because I didn’t want to ruin that bit in the story. In fact, there were many things I left out of the blurb that maybe should’ve been put in. Oh well. It was my first book and I learned how to write a blurb by doing so. Next time, I don’t think I’ll be as…


Inside My Head

A lot of writers live inside their heads. I know I sure do. I create wonderful worlds where everyone lives in harmony or tragic ones where people kill and maim and burn. I set people up to fall in love then make them fall out of love in such a sad way that I occasionally question my own sanity. And that all happens on the drive to my daughter’s school and back in the morning. Sometimes these stories are happily played out in my head as I go about my life and I’m content to simply release them again, untold. Other times, I feverishly scribble ideas on notebooks or clumsily…


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