On Writing

There’s more to writing that typing.

Ending Marriage Discrimination

I feel like it’s possible.  This video makes me feel so hopeful. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj09lWcz0yk]


I’m Gonna Be Published!

I have a publishing contract in hand.  I’m flummoxed and excited and scared all wrapped up into a fireball of happy right now.  Unfortunately, each and every loved one that I wanted to share this joy with is unavailable.  Haha.  So I’ll go crazy here. *streaks naked all over the internets* WHOO HOO!



I sit where it all began, in my bed.  The place where I was pushed by a friend to write nearly a year ago when I was paralyzed by the loss of my step-dad. I started to write that night and every night after for well over a week, further inspired by the prednisone I took for my bronchitis.  Then I left the story to blend and simmer for a bit.  Every so often I’d come back to see how it was doing, tweaking, adding, and fixing.  Then, after the push from a friend or two, I picked it up near Thanksgiving and really, seriously got to work, finishing the…


Submission & Life Woes

Submitting a story for publication. OMG!  I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. How do you put your heart and soul out there like that and not get a little nauseous?  Granted, I’ve submitted myself to the fan fiction world for over two years now.  You’d think I was okay with being read/judged.  Apparently not.  Submission seems so much bigger.  Like…HUGE!!! My story, Fall Into You, is ready to go.  Edits are done.  Several trusted people have read through it and given me their feedback.  My cover letter is essentially written.  There is only one thing that remains. The dreaded summary. *Cue silly melodramatic music*  …


The Editing Process

I know a lot of writers who dread the editing process.  Just the mere visual of their lovely manuscript being marred by red or purple or yellow is enough to turn their stomachs.  Granted, I’ve not always had great experiences editing.  I’ve cried, gotten so angry that I’ve wanted to throw things (my computer in particular), or simply just closed my document and walked away because those marks somehow suddenly reflected back on who I was.  But I persisted. Perhaps it’s cliché, but my stories are my babies.  They come from a place inside me that I can’t quite explain.  I carry them around for a long time before I…



I’m done writing Fall Into You. Done! Actually, I’ve been done for awhile, but have been deep in the editing mindset and have sort of lost myself in the process. It’s always amazing to me how different the processes of writing and editing are. I’m glad I have both though. Right now, the story is with someone who I asked to rip it to shreds. I’m not so sure that I’ll ever ask that of someone again. Haha. I’ll just have to see how it goes. Yet, I’ve gone through the manuscript so many times that I’ve lost count. I’m ready to see this thing through. Is it worthy of…


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