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There’s more to writing that typing.

Scrivener, I want this…

I know one thing that would make Scrivener an even better writing tool.  A character tree! Sort of like a family tree but linked to the character sketches and flexible with relationship statuses like lover, son, father, cousin, best friend, enemy, and the like. I’m drooling just thinking about how I’d use this because the family tree website I’m using is highly inadequate.  There is no BFF relationship so I can connect Summer and Hugo together forever!


What’s in a Name? A …

I’ve been thinking a lot about names today. This morning I wrote about how horrid I am at recalling them on sugarsnaptastic.com. But I love naming characters. I get to finally use all those names I was never able to use because I couldn’t possibly have that many babies. I even get to use names that were vetoed with a knee jerk response of “Oh, ish. Pee-eww.” (That’s my mom, by the way.) Olive is the nickname of one of my characters in North Star. I love that name. Nature names just make me happy, which is also why Olive’s real name is Brooke. I have a Summer in this book…


Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity

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Calm Waters, Please

I’ve spent nearly all my time in the last several weeks dealing with one family crisis after another.  Just when one fire gets put out, another seems to start.  I’m quite good in crisis mode.  I lived in it for the first year of my daughter’s life as she struggled for her life, while she had to endure numerous operations, and also while our schedules were almost entirely dictated by physicians’ schedules rather than our own.  The last few weeks have made me very grateful for the 9 year reprieve.  I’m good at this, but it sucks. I’m ready to get off this roller coaster so i can live and…


Edits, Tallies, Toils, and Missing Betas

I should really and truly start keeping track of how many edits I make to a document.  I’m about to start editing the final chapter in the next book I hope to submit to my publisher, but I know I’m going to go right back to chapter 1 and start all over again.  I need a beta reader or four to help point out the weak/confusing points. 


Coming Indoors

Nearly all the leaves have fallen from the trees and a biting cold wind has started to blow, attempting to pierce my skin if I stand outside long enough.  People all around me complain and ask friends who are about to leave on vacation to, “Please bring the warm weather back with you.” I love the cold and look forward to the snow.  I want to settle into my house, cover up with cozy blankets, and hibernate.  All I need now is a mug of piping hot coffee and a square of salted dark chocolate. I’m ready to write again.


Writing and Editing

I’m a fast writer.  My brain goes so quickly that pen and paper doesn’t work well at all, so I’m eternally grateful for the computer.  This natural tendency is a blessing while writing a new novel, especially for something like NaNoWriMo.  While I have my story fairly well planned out ahead of time, I can’t get too detailed or I find I can’t write as well.  The curse is that I end up with a lot of mistakes and occasionally forget to put in some details that I intended but ended up chasing another scene and am remiss about leaving myself a note.  That eventually all needs to be cleaned…


Driven to Write

I’ve been writing like a possessed woman this summer, nearing 190,000 words in a little over 2 months.  Part of that is because I’ve had this story in my head for nearly two years and it was well fleshed out.  Another part was that I discovered with Camp NaNoWriMo how much visuals helped motivate me to meet my goal.  The other part is summer. I’m lucky enough to have summers off, and I’ve always attempted to write during the summertime.  This is the first year I’ve actually accomplished that though.  As I see the summer coming to a close, I’m starting to freak out a little, especially when I woke…


Changing a Character’s Name

I’ve gotten nearly 90K words into my story and I had a change of heart. I had to change the name of a secondary character because it just wasn’t working. Part of it was that I hadn’t considered her last name. How dumb is that? Luckily, it’s going easier this time around.  The last time I did this in a story, I struggled forever. In fact, I’m still struggling with that change, the character’s old name popping into my head when I tell people about my novel. It’s crazy how ingrained these names become. One tool that helped me a lot this time was the Baby Name Explorer on babycenter. I love the…


Camp Nano

I surpassed 50K words in less than 25 days & keep on writing.


How did I ever live without …

Last December I decided to download the trial version of Scrivener.  Even before the 30 day trial was over I was buying the software.  I love this program and for many reasons. Planning is a breeze in either corkboard or outliner mode.  I prefer corkboard because I love to see things laid out in a more visual manner and outlines just take me back to high school composition classes and the nightmare of writing my masters thesis. My entire story is opened in one document with super simple navigation.  No more opening large, cumbersome files in Word with my entire story or opening 25 separate files, one for each chapter.…


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