On Writing

There’s more to writing that typing.

One Too Many or Perfection?

I feel like I’m over-specializing my life, or at the very least, over-organizing my online life. For years I had a hotmail account that I shared with my husband. Yes, shared! When I started signing up for free this and free that, I decided to create my first gmail account to catch all that junk, but I really preferred using gmail over anythings else, so that quickly became my go to account. When I started my parenting blog ages ago, I used that as my main email, and it just naturally became my main fiction writing account. Why would I need more than one email address, right? Well, I’ll tell you.…



  I’ve been coloring mandalas all day long to get me past my writer’s block. Coloring helps my mind just let go and mandalas make me concentrate on form and color rather than words. Drinking hard cider doesn’t hurt either.  


Mental Distraction

I finished my rainbow nesting bowls today while I listened to the British House of Lords discuss marriage equality. Sorta fitting, don’t you think? Crocheting also kept my mind occupied since I’m super frustrating with myself for not having enough concentration to write at the moment. I hate these moments. I know I’ll eventually get my mojo back, but right now, writing feels like pulling teeth. I hate this feeling, so I’m better off concentrating on other things. I sure hope this block doesn’t last nearly as long as the last one did.


Half Way There to a Dozen!

I feel like I just ran an marathon. I had so many ups and downs with the MN House marriage equality hearing that I’m exhausted. When Rep. Tim Kelly tried to tack on an amendment to reduce all marriages to civil unions just so he wouldn’t have to vote for or against marriage equality, I about went through my screen. Then my representative got up there and agreed. We will be having words the next time we see each other! Thankfully, that amendment was quickly defeated. Then, they got to the meat of the debate and I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of it. I…


Name Tag Peek-a-boo

I’ve never been good with names. I’ve tried all the tricks that name experts tell you about, but until it clicks, I stumble. Some click easier than others, because maybe that person reminds me of a childhood friend with the same name or it’s such a quirky name that I love it to death and it gets burned deeply into my grey matter right away. Name + Visual = Posy getting it easier. So, it came as no surprise that when I went to the Dreamspinner’s author’s workshop, I felt overwhelmed by all the new faces attached to names I knew. Some I knew because their names had been attached to their…


Get Words Down

I’m shifting gears in my current manuscript, and I feel like I need a mental break. What a great time to write a blog post, right? I think so. Over the years, I’ve purchased many journals. Some are leather, some bound in corrugated cardboard, but my favorite journal has been the Moleskine. Moleskine journals are expensive, but I like the cream colored paper, and the paperboard cover feels less intimidating than leather. Leather feels more permanent, and I often feel as if I need something really important to say before I can write in one. In fact, most of my journals are still blank, aside from the Moleskines. Until now.…


How I Keep My Butt in …

I have some tools of the trade most people don’t think of as writer’s tools, but when I sit at a computer for extended periods of time, I find I need some things to keep my butt in the seat. That usually means comfort items. So here’s a list of some unconventional tools of mine: A footstool – I use a footstool to elevate my feet when I sit at my desk. It’s comfy and it also reduces swelling if it’s hot outside. A nursing stool – What?!? Yes, for those times I don’t want my feet up or on the ground, I rest them on an angled nursing stool. It…


Edited to Near-Insanity

A few weeks ago, my friend J.P. Barnaby shared this cartoon with me on Facebook and tagged me in it. Yes, I’m that blonde lady wanting her manuscript back for just one more read through. It’s sort of an illness, I think. 😉 Perhaps not an illness, but it sure does slow down my submission speed, and all because I think that one more tweak of a word or phrase will solve everything.  Sometimes that’s true. I’ve improved some stories on that last read through or I’ve found a tiny plot hole I didn’t see before. The number of times that has happened compared to not is quite small though.…


Trademarks in Fiction

I’ve been wondering as of late if I needed to get permission to use business names or use the little ® symbol in my fiction. I ran across this article today and thought I’d share it with you. It’s always good to have the information we need when we need it. Use of Trademark Names in Fiction.


The Scenes I See In My …

I write down the movies I see in my head because… I never see the types of relationship I want to see on the silver screen. When I do see gay men on the screen, they’re often cardboard cut outs rather than real, deep characters. on my computer screen, I can see sex, but I don’t ever see love. kissing never lasts long enough in movies or porn. there are some things that will never be filmed in mainstream movies. while I got to see Ryan Gosling going down on Michelle Williams, I doubt I’ll ever see Zachary Quinto rimming Chris Pine no matter how many letter writing campaigns or…


Stuck Between Projects

I’ve been an emotional wreck for days. I think it’s because I’m in that awful place between projects. My story is with an editor so I can’t really do too many changes even though I read through it yesterday and made notes on things I need to consider or fix. But I’m not ready to move on to a new project yet. I get suck like this. It’s almost as if I have to mourn for my characters and their book being done before I can go on and open myself up to falling in love with new characters. So maybe it’s more like a break up. And break ups…


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