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There’s more to writing that typing.

Toolbox Tuesday – Markers

As an author I sign books. Since most of my books are sold as ebooks, this happens only a few times a year when I’m at events like Gay Rom Lit or various pride celebrations in my neck of the woods. If you’ve had an author sign a book for you, it’s often with these results on the following page. Bleed through. A lot of authors use Sharpie markers to sign. These markers write in nearly every surface, so they are a must, especially if signing glossy paper or photos, but when you put a Sharpie to the porous paper on the inner title page of a book, where most…


Toolbox Tuesday- PicMonkey

As a creative person, I’ve had the opportunity to play with a lot of tools. Some are more like toys to me because they’re so much fun I get lost in the process of making something. I hope this will become a new column on my blog. Since I first self-published last summer, I’ve added a lot more tools to my toolbox. Many of those were added out of necessity or because I wanted to be thrifty rather than hiring a graphic designer to create promo images or the like. I’ve learned a lot in the last year, and I’d love to share some of these new tools and toys with you,…


Visual Organization for the Writer

A little over a year ago I repainted my office. I call the room my writing studio around home because office sounds far too stuffy and expectation-ridden. The room was a hideous mustard color when we moved in, and I painted it a light pink, going for a pink-and-brown theme. It was a stressful room that was never conducive to writing, only to increased anxiety. I needed a change, but as many things in my house, projects get started but take a long time to get completed. I wrote about the color scheme for the room on Facebook, which I wanted to be light and relaxing but not too cold. I went…


Frankie – Secondary Character <3

I’m going to confess loving one of my secondary characters in Silver Scars, and from some of the reviews the book has gotten, I’m not the only one. I don’t love Frankie as much as Gilbert or Keith, but it’s close. Here’s a little taste of the kind of friend Frankie is to Gil in Silver Scars. You’re my oldest friend. I couldn’t leave you to deal with this shit alone. It might’ve been what you thought you wanted, but that’s utter bullshit. You need friends. You need people to love you, especially when you shove them away. Frankie and Gil have been friends since their preteen years and they’ve…


Writer’s Block

Writer’s block sucks. It really, really, really sucks. It sucks because it’s difficult to connect with fleshed-out characters and rich plots. It sucks because of trite advice people freely offer like golden miracle pills that don’t even have the benefit of the placebo effect. I found the advice similar to the recommendations people give to those who suffer from depression or anxiety, like take a walk, ask for help, and meditate. I’m talking about the medical conditions, not how people often use those words to mean they’re having a bad day. Perhaps writer’s block is one way depression or anxiety manifests itself in writers. And don’t even get me started on people who…


Beta Reader Appreciation + Questions

It wasn’t so long ago that I utilized every single beta or pre-reader I was brave enough to ask to read my stories before I even considered submitting to my publisher. Recently things have changed. But wait, perhaps I should go back a little further. The first fictional story I shared with anyone was fan fiction (FF). For those of you who don’t know what that is, FF are stories based on already published books, movies, TV shows, or even real people in the media, called Real Person Fic. The FF community I initially belonged to was a very supportive one. Like, crazy supportive, and I’m still friends with a…


“Inside a Boy’s Head”

I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday about writing. Poppy wanted me to read a short story she had written in her Language Arts class, and she was upset with the editing a male classmate had done on her draft. I completely got that! I’m working through edits on my own manuscript right now, so I could easily feel her pain. For the record, I agreed with nearly everything the boy had corrected on her draft aside from a few commas. After I got done reading and had give her my feedback, Poppy said, “I like writing stories from inside a boy’s head rather than inside a girl’s head…


Can You Say Trust Issues?

Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder if other authors experience this conundrum. When experiencing the labor pains of getting a new story sorted before I can even begin writing, I do a few things. I write characters sketches, take a lot of random notes, and write about the setting, or anything else that is rolling around in my head. Sometimes I let that all marinate for days/weeks/months, and other times I just start writing. For those moments I need to give the flavors time to soak in, I often find I benefit from talking about the story with another person. But it’s terrifying to share your unwritten story with…


Writing Because of Tears

The last time I absolutely had to write or else my brain would explode was in June. I’d watched something and I truly needed to write about it in order to process it. Let me put it this way, someone died in a horrific way. I watched this show on a Sunday night, and then all day Monday, I took my mom to many doctor appointments. We ended up at the hospital for her final appointment. We’d taken the shuttle over and had some time to kill, and she was excited to look around the gift shop. See, her husband was in the intensive care unit there after his bile…


Blog Tour to Shae Connor – My …

I’ve stared at the beautiful men in Spark nearly everyday for over a year because they sit across the room from my desk. Click below so you can read about them and how a list of several words helped me write more consistently. Guest Blog: Posy Roberts Finds the Spark | shaeconnorwrites.


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