Socks for an Otter

He fell from his ivory tower and landed in the gutter…

But Sebastian would rather be homeless and hungry than clueless.


Analog to Digital

Ethan has been telling lies. He says he’s happy with the way things are, but he longs for a deeper commitment with Toby. So spending Christmas Eve at his sister’s wedding is the last thing on his wish list. At the ceremony he sees everything he’s dreamed of. It makes him ache for even more, but he knows Toby is “allergic” to marriage. If he keeps living the status quo, he’ll be lying to the man he loves. But if he admits he wants it all, he risks losing Toby entirely. He needs a Christmas miracle. Is it too late? Analog to Digital is a heartwarming holiday MM romance novella…


Feathers From the Sky

Closets aren’t for people. And Cal is tired of the secrets and lies. He came out as bisexual years ago, but his parents dismissed it as a phase. They don’t know he dated men. But his boyfriend, Philip, is on his way to celebrate the holidays with them. This is the perfect moment. The whole family is in one place. And Philip has been very patient. Cal dreams of a kiss to ring in the New Year, but he’s not sure how everyone will react to his coming out. What will make Cal step out of the closet for good? Feathers from the Sky is a MM Romance novella about coming…


All I Want

Family time, winter fun, and romantic surprises. Heading home for the holidays is stressful enough, but pile secrets atop carefully wrapped presents, and it’s enough to turn anyone into a Grinch. But as the year comes to a close, surprises might spell new beginnings. Feathers From the Sky Analog to Digital All I Want  146 pages  2-3 Hours  35K Words bisexual, coming out, family Christmas, holiday, New Year’s, clueless heroes, established couple, family life, weddings


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