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Stroke of Luck – October Surprise

I have a surprise book released today! You’re gonna fall in love with me. You’re already halfway there. October 2, 2016, a little after noon, I created a new document titled, October Surprise. I had high hopes I’d be able to get this story ready to go before I left for GayRomLit because I wanted something new. After all, it was only supposed to be a 12-15K story. Not too long. Nothing complicated. Just fluff and fun to help celebrate Halloween and to break up the monotony that had been my work life. My writing started off slow. I was lucky to get 500 words a day out in between all…


Unmuzzled at GRL

ROAD TRIP! Tomorrow I start my journey to Kansas City, MO, for the yearly event that is Gay Rom Lit. It’s a reader retreat for those who love MM Romance. This will be year number three for me, and I’m going as a Featured Author. I finally recognized that sixteen published stories gave me enough credibility to do so. These conferences are fantastic because I get to talk about MM Romance without censoring myself. At home I tone things down for people who know that I’m a writer. I even temper myself around my loved ones. But at GRL, I get to meet face to face with people who talk…


Sweet ⭐️ Savory ⭐️ Spicy

I finally found a better way to help readers find which book fits their individual taste, not just now, but as their palates change over time.


Countdown to GayRomLit 2016: A Guest Post …

I’m going to the GayRomLit reader’s retreat as a Featured Author this year. Yesterday I kicked off the first of my three blog stops on my part of the official GRL blog tour by stopping in at The Novel Approach and introducing myself. Come read it. I’m thrilled to be at The Novel Approach today. For those who don’t know me, I’m Posy Roberts, and as of today, I have seventeen books published: seven novels, six novellas, and three shorts. By the end of the year I hope to add another novel to that list and will for sure… Source: Countdown to GayRomLit 2016: A Guest Post by Featured Author…


North Star Released as a Bundle

Four years ago I wrote the North Star trilogy and three years ago the books were set free in the world one by one. Today you can get all three books, that’s 884 pages, combined in one ebook! No waiting for two months for the next book to come out. Nope. You get to read straight on through. 😀 In high school, Hugo and Kevin discover they are perfect for each other. Sadly they fell in love years too early to make a solid commitment and college and other relationships got in the way. Fifteen years later they meet again and all those old feelings are rekindled. Second chances at…


Picked Fresh is ALIVE!

It’s finally here! I can’t believe it. I’ve had this story in my head for a year and it took months to get down on paper, but today Picked Fresh is ready and waiting for your eyes. It wants to be read. Hudson needs you to read about his journey to face his past, to fight some demons, and to finally allow himself to be vulnerable. Hudson needs to find a way to tell Jude how much he loves him. *happy sigh* Two reminders for you: If you haven’t read Farm Fresh, I highly suggest you start with that. It’s currently at a lower price right now on Amazon. Second, for a richer…


Nervouscitment about Picked Fresh

Picked Fresh is days away from release and now up for preorder. I’m nervouscited, as my kid would say. I think this is one of my favorite books that I’ve written, but that’s what makes me nervous. My previous favorite was Fusion, and it didn’t sell as well as Spark. I know readership goes down after the first in a series, especially those that rely on the previous book to tell the entire story. But I guess I don’t do things small. A list of what I like about Picked Fresh: Road trip! I love long trips and being able to go off the beaten path on a whim, so when this story…


Cover Reveal on Two Chicks Obsessed!

Two Chicks Obsessed with Books and Eye Candy helped me with a cover reveal for Picked Fresh. Click on over and see what Hudson looks like! This Book Two of Naked Organics. Is five thousand miles far enough to say I love you? Source: Picked Fresh by Posy Roberts: Exclusive Cover Reveal, Excerpt and Giveaway


New Cover for North Star

Anne Cain worked more magic and created a cover for this whole series. Hugo Thorson was never accepted in his small town, and living with a sick father pushed him farther away from his peers. When Kevin Magnus moved to town, he knew what path his life would take. Until he befriended Hugo. What started out as hikes in the wood, where both teens opened up about struggles at home, soon turned into comforting touches, kisses, and more. They hid the true nature of their relationship from their friends and family, but they fell in love. And they fell hard. Their last day together, rain interrupted their kisses. If Hugo had known…


Disappearing Amazon Book Reviews

In an effort to purge bought and fake reviews, Amazon has recently started deleting many reviews that aren’t Verified Purchases. Apparently companies paid people for reviews of various products, shelling out $5 a review, so people sat at their computers reviewing products and books they never touched let alone knew well enough to review. Some of the reviews were very obviously fake (fifty 5 star review with no critical reviews at all), but others weren’t. It put Amazon on alert, and boy did they go on alert! Sending out Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) is a publishing industry standard used to help create buzz around the release day of a book. If a…


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