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I Was Interviewed by Brynn Stein

How exciting! Go check it out.


Spark Blog Tour

It feels as if all of a sudden things are happening with Spark. When I look back at the true timeline, I know that’s ludicrous. Getting a book from a writer’s brain into readers’ hands is a long process, especially if that writer is a perpetual editor, like me. This morning my handy-dandy calendar alerted me that my blog tour is starting tomorrow, and I’m sure my eyes nearly bugged out of my head despite me just waking up. I thought I’d share what’s happening with you so you can follow along and visit all these great writers who so generously donated space on their blogs. I also installed an upcoming events…


Pre-order Spark!

I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Anne Cain on the covers for my trilogy North Star. She has done a lovely job, and it has been very hard to hold back this beautiful cover until Spark ended up on the Coming Soon page. But Spark is now available for pre-order. Now feast your eyes on this beautiful cover! Isn’t that lovely?


Risking It is Released Today!

August Farrell doesn’t have a clue how to go about finding a boyfriend. He’s eighteen, a high school senior, has barely been kissed, and the thought of flirting with a boy terrifies him. What if he gets punched? Or worse? It would be easier if he at least knew the rules of the game. Then during the state basketball tournament, August meets Luca Knutson, who flirts with him shamelessly, but is this connection worth it? Will August play it safe by sitting on the sidelines or take a chance on Luca and the freedom to love he offers? Buy it! 2018 ⭑ ETA: Risking It is no longer available. However,…


Misnomer by Posy Roberts

Lookie here! A free story by me over on the Dreamspinner Press Blog. All to help celebrate their sixth anniversary. This is actually a story about Simon & Thomas from my book Fall Into You, which is also on sale this week. It’s set in modern day, years after the book ended, so you get to see where they ended up. Check it out and all the other books that are on sale. Sexy Six Anniversary Short – Misnomer by Posy Roberts | Dreamspinner Press Blog | M-M Romance.


Fusion Contracted!

I’ve had such an amazing day. I shopped for yarn, I started a new project, I drank some amazing beer, ate yummy mashed potatoes, took a bath, read a book, and took a nap. And then I woke up and read my email. North Star Fusion, the second book in my trilogy is going to be published by Dreamspinner. I ran around my house screaming and jumping up and down. My husband had to tell me, “Get over here and hug me!” to get me to stop bouncing. Then I finally went back to my computer and signed my contract. SQUEEEE!


January’s Favorite Covers — Joyfully Jay

January’s Favorite Covers — Joyfully Jay. I know January and February and March and April were filled with snow up here in the Minnesota tundra, and I was also up to my eye balls in writing and editing my trilogy, but how could I have missed this?!? My book’s cover was the big winner on Joyfully Jay’s Favorite Covers in January. I think this is the coolest thing ever, because I love that cover. TL Bland did an amazing job!


Risking It

I signed a new contract this morning for a short story of mine. It’s going to be published in Dreamspinner Press‘s Daily Dose. Every day in June, a new story is released. You can buy the stories individually or as a whole collection. This year the book is called Make a Play and has a sports theme. I wrote about sports! My story is Risking It and I dug deep to recall that feeling I had back in high school during state basketball tournaments. Mostly, I recalled all the really cute boys from different cities. That’s all I needed and I was a writing fool. I added in a dash sexual…


Stupid Titles Being Elusive

Usually titles magically pop into my head. I’ve struggled before, but the title of a story comes to me fairly easily. Not this time. Not at all! And it’s driving me nuts. I’m attempting to get this trilogy ready to submit to my publisher to see if they’d like to pick it up, but my titles are so shitty right now that no one would ever want to read this books. BORING is what they scream. Maybe I’m struggling because I’m having to name three books, somehow have them sorta be related, and yet still keep their individual flavor represented. I know what the entire story arc is going to be…


Fall Into You

In the uncertainty of the 90s, Simon craves stability, but he finds himself falling in love with Thomas, a man destined to live a rockstar life. Simon Phillips always hated Thomas. Ever since his black nail polish high school days, Thomas Schultz has seemed like a carefree, uninhibited wild child, in stark contrast to Simon’s shy, cautious nature. Now, from behind the safety of his hotel bar, Simon must watch, distracted, as Thomas becomes a shirtless rock star for every wedding reception they work. But when Thomas slips him the key to his hotel room, Simon enters a world where the fine line between hate and attraction becomes blurred and finds…


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