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The North Star Trilogy is complete. If you’ve been holding out until all the books are out, there’s no more waiting. They are all released! Get Spark here, Fusion here, and Flare here!


Are You Ready for Flare?

The full North Star Trilogy will be released in 36 hours when Flare is out. Have you read Spark? Is Fusion still burning in your mind? You still have time! Hugo and Kevin knew they should be together all the way back in high school, but life took them in very different directions. When they have a chance to continue their relationship, life’s circumstances have other plans for them. But they know they are meant to be, so they fight for each other, and they will fight for the family they want to nurture together, even if the world around them doesn’t quite understand their “alternative” family and tries their best…


Review Page UP!

And it even works! Haha. Last night I started pulling together reviews for my books and short stories so they could be easily found. So take a gander at the Review Page and read some of the kind and lovely words people have said about my stories while you’re at it. If you’ve written a review and want to leave a snippet, I have a testimonial page you can use. Once approve, they show up at the bottom of this website.


Vote Today for the Finalists!!!

This might look like yesterday’s post, but it’s so different. Yesterday the voting at Mrs. Condit Reads was preliminary voting. This time around it is the Author of the Month Finalist!!!! So thank you for tugging Posy Robert’s fusion into the new poll. XOXO So, if you have a few moments to grab your devices, whichever ones you fancy, would you be so kind as to vote for Posy Robert’s Fusion or any other book that jumps up and grabs you. Winners will be announced Jan 9th. <3 Thank you!



I woke up to the best news! I’ve been nominated for Author of the Month at Mrs. Condit Reads! Fusion is the reason. There are a lot of great authors up there. So what are you waiting for? Go vote! 😀  And thanks!


Are You Ready?

The entire North Star Trilogy will be released in a week on January 13th.  If you haven’t cracked Spark or Fusion yet, you have a week to get ready for Flare. Or maybe you want to re-read Spark and Fusion before Flare comes out. Please spread the word to all those people who were “waiting for all the books to come out,” because it’s not that far away. And thanks to all my wonderful readers. You rock! Update: New Covers, now bundled


Flare Cover Reveal

In ten days, on January 13, 2014, Flare will be released. This is the third and final book in the North Star Trilogy, so if you’ve been waiting to read Spark and Fusion until Flare was out, now it your chance.  They will both be 20% off through January 4th at Dreamspinner Press too! Now, on to Flare.  Anne Cain created another lovely cover and fully portrayed exactly what I wanted for this story. I told her I wanted green right away when we first started talking about all three covers, and we decided that the golden spiral should be a recurring theme in all three covers, which it was.…


Lovely Reviews for Feather From the …

I had some reviews for my holiday story Feathers From the Sky come through in the last few days. *****  5 stars at The Novel Approach. Yay! ****  4 stars at Sid Love. They are doing a give away there too.


Goodreads M/M Romance Group Member …

Okay, so I got some great news today. Both Spark and Fusion were nominated for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Member Choice Awards. Fusion was nominated for Best cover. And both Spark and Fusion were nominated for Best Performance Arts (Musicians/Dancers/Actors) (professions). Here is where you go to vote!


5 Stars for Fusion

I was blown away today by Sandra at My Fiction Nook. I was leaving work, feeling apathetic after a mediocre class when I started to read Sandra’s review of Fusion. I loved this!!! For a second installment, despite the heavy topic and the pain and the drama that ensued, this book was as close to perfection for me as possible. She went on to say so much more and all spoiler free, so go read the rest of her review.


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