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Forever Under a Rainbow

Today my Love’s Landscape story, Forever Under a Rainbow, was released by the Goodreads MM Romance group. For the last several years, this group has held their Don’t Read in the Closet event, and I was lucky enough to grab a prompt. If you are a member of the MM Romance group, you can read it now, and for the rest of the world, the story will be released to the general public in a few days. I’ll get the link up here as soon as I get it. Enjoy. Bridger Jenkins’ life has felt like a huge puzzle with only the edges put together since he realized he’s not straight. Trying to…


Review Snippets Updated

I spent the morning updating the review page on my site, adding star graphics and cutting words so I could add more reviews without overwhelming the reader. I’m sure I missed some great reviews out there, but I can’t put everything up. It’s so lovely to go back and read the kind words review sites have left about my books. Thank you for taking the time and effort you all do to help promote the “children” we authors work so hard on.


Prism Recommended Read

Both Spark and Fusion are Recommended Reads over at Prism Book Alliance. In February Spark got the honor, and in March, it was Fusion‘s turn. Whoo hoo!


North Star Covers Featured

Anne Cain‘s covers for Fusion and Flare are featured in this great article by A.J. Corza about cover art that makes her want to pick up a book. I know I’m a tad biased, but I think Anne Cain did an outstanding job on all three covers from North Star as well as from Private Display of Affection. She’s amazing, and I know I’ve been very lucky to have her work on these covers.


I Made it to the Finals!

Lookie! I made it to the finals, but holy moly you should see who I’m up against. *gulp*  Vote for your fave!


Vote for your Fave!

I’ve been nominated because of the Flare as one of the finalists for Author of the Month over as Mrs. Condit & Friends’ website. Today is the only day to vote and there are some amazing authors up there. Go vote for your fave!


Outtakes, Interviews, & Giveaways, Oh My!

Right now there are a few giveaways/contests going on for the books in my North Star world. First, Mrs. Condit and Friends is giving away a copy of Flare. The deadline to enter is Feb 8th at 11pm CST. You can also read a review of Flare and an interview with Hugo, so click to comment and get entered. Second, Prism Book Alliance has a contest ending February 6th. I shared an outtake I wrote of Hugo and Kevin in high school that will never make it in to any of my books. If you click and comment, you can have a chance to win either Spark, Fusion, Flare, or…


Link: Reviews North Star

“I wanted to live in their world because through all the bad, they persevered and found the good, and it really is a series about the power of love. Outstanding series! One of the best by far.” StraightNotNarrow: We all have an opinion, here’s mine…: Reviews for The Northstar Books, by Posy Roberts.


Flare Blog Tour

Date Blog Post Topic 1/16/14 Anne Barwell Finishing a Trilogy 1/18/14 The Novel Approach It’s Done! – Excerpt 1/19/14 Dreamspinner Press North Star Trilogy 1/19/14 Dreamspinner Press Friendship at the Heart 1/19/14 Dreamspinner Press Excerpt 1/19/14 Dreamspinner Press Beneath the Surface 1/19/14 Dreamspinner Press Symbolism


Flare Blog Tour – Visiting Anne Barwell

Today I’m visiting Anne Barwell’s Live Journal and website. Come on over and pay her a visit! I talk about a scary moment for an author.


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