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Less Stuff, More Living

I’m a consumer, and I buy things I don’t need. I spent my twenties accumulating because without doing so, I’d be sitting on cardboard boxes rather than furniture today. In my thirties, I was a new parent, and with kids comes more “necessary” equipment. Then the stuff took over. Now I’m in my forties, and I want less in my life. Decluttering is a common theme in magazines, blogs, and TV shows and has been for the last decade or more. Watching one episode of Hoarders and you see how lives can be controlled by stuff. Right now my dining room is being held hostage by paperwork that needs to be sorted, filed, or…


Common Goals

Community is everything. Some people have a very strong sense of belonging in nearly every community they interact with, while others don’t feel that connectedness at all. As with most things, I’m right in the middle of the road on that sliding scale. When I was teaching I was very much involved in everything. I couldn’t go buy toilet paper without being stopped in Target by a student or two. My husband took to finishing the shopping while I chatted. On the flip side of that, I’ve also lived where I felt very isolated. The last time, I had just had a baby who ended up spending months in the hospital.…


Almar is Out of his Box

Almar Atlason fled his box this morning. He hugged his friends and family, then left so he could go have a smoke. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, let me introduce you to Almar, an Icelandic art student who lived inside a glass box for a week, relying on the kindness of others to help sustain him. I wrote about him last week and answered many of the common questions people had about what he was doing   Watching Almar in his little aquarium was relaxing. People on Twitter have joked that watching him was as relaxing as watching a goldfish. He was their human goldfish for a…


Oddly Fascinated by Naked Man in …

I’ve been watching Almar Atlason, a 23 year old Icelandic art student completing his final art project for his Methods and Process class at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. He is hoping to spend a week inside a transparent box. Oh, and he’s naked, so he’s very exposed. His project is streaming on YouTube but is #NSFW. I learned about this from a friend’s Facebook post that lead me to an article on Iceland Review Online. He called this “A perfect anarchy.” He brought nothing inside his see-thru box and is relying on the generosity of others, who have brought him food, water, blankets, an iPod, books, and many other…


Outside the Margins – Posy on Prism …

I write a monthly column over at Prism Book Alliance® now, which is why I’ve been fairly silent over here. It’s calle Outside the Margins. I’m also editing 2 stories and writing 2 more, so life has been crazy busy with that, not to mention homeschooling. So if you miss my pervy banter, you can find me here. Come visit.  


Positive Sexual Connection

New! I’ve started a new blog over on Tumblr. I already have one where I essentially celebrate the male form and love between men, but this new one is different. For regular readers, you know I’m bisexual, so I run across a lot of images and information I don’t share here or on my Posy Roberts Tumblr. It’s not the correct audience. But lately I’ve been discovering so much that I felt I needed to start something new, and I love the share-happy Tumblr format. I’ve run across several sites on sexual positivity over the years. Most are intended for women. Some are there for the GLBTQ community too, but…


Bookstore Closed, Era Ended ~ Posy Roberts: …

I’m over at Prism Book Alliance today for my monthly Outside the Margins column. I share a few stories about the most wonderful bookstore I’ve ever been in. It was a castle! It closed it’s doors for good as 2014 came to a close. There are photos of the castle bookstore on my Instagram as well. View this post on Instagram Lobby lights #Rochester A post shared by Posy Roberts (@posyroberts) on Dec 31, 2014 at 7:38pm PST


Get Out of the Kitchen

The whole “let’s quit performing all weddings at courthouses because a few clerks don’t want to perform same-sex weddings” debacle in Florida is crazy to me. It’s adults having temper tantrums because they’re being asked to perform a duty for their job. I certainly have moral dilemmas in my own job, but I still have to perform the duties I’ve been hired to do. For instance, I think No Child Left Behind is doing far more harm than good in our country. Teachers are being judged based on how their students perform. That would be fine and dandy if kids all started off on a level playing field: had the…


I Want Your Opinion

I’m getting ready to send out my very first newsletter. I subscribe to several of my fave authors’ newsletters so I can stay up to date on what on their upcoming books. I found it helpful and a time saver, so I thought I’d give my readers the same opportunity. Now I’m stuck on the timing of when to sent it out, because I’m wondering if people preorder books or if they’d rather wait until the book is out. So I created a quick survey.  If you’d be so kind as to take a minute to answer 6 questions, I’ll be able to meet your needs better. Thanks. CLICK to…


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