Honors & Awards

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10367681_981837145183701_654938805122290838_nFarm Fresh has two Rainbow Award Honorable Mentions. Gender: Gay – Genre: Contemporary Romance

Here’s what the judges had to say:

1) This book fit its title so perfectly—it was fresh, organic, unique, just a delight to read. I’d be hard pressed to say what I loved most about it–the setting, the characters, the writing… I’ve hardly ever read a book with so much sex in where each and every sex scene actually had a purpose beyond the obvious, either for plot development or character growth. And they were all well written, paced just right and with the perfect mix of erotic, dirty and sweet for me. The organic farming commune setting was as lovingly drawn as the characters, the descriptions of both locale and backstories seamlessly worked into the narrative to form a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. I loved the character growth both Hudson and Jude went through, how they found healing from their traumatic pasts with the help of their chosen family. Hudson and Jude were a great pairing, very different personalities that complemented each other so well, both likeable on their own and just adorable as a couple. The secondary main couple, Leo and Charlie, weren’t quite as present as Hudson and Jude but just as wonderful; all four of them fascinating personalities I’d really love to meet in person.

2) This story is like taking a refreshing breath. I was beautifully written with very well liked characters. Bringing back the commune era, it brings us to what is happening with our planet right at this day and age, where, while most people outside of the outside of the commune are consumers of the quick and easy, in other words, what I call plastic, these people are in there to bring knowledge and teach others to consume fresh and natural. Also, the idea of not being ashamed of our bodies, as we see so rampant today, is a bonus. It brings back the long lost idea of Peace, Love, and Freedom. Totally refreshing! I’d love to read more books that leave me feeling in such great Peace as this one did.

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