Farm Fresh – Consent

Farm Fresh isn’t your typical romance.

First off, it’s set on a commune where free love is more prevalent than commitments.

Second, every house on Kaleidoscope Gardens sets up their own rules. At the yellow house, where Leo, Hudson, and Charlie live, it’s sex with no strings attached. They all love each other, but there is no romance.

When Jude, a fresh-faced innocent, moves into the yellow house, he shifts the sexual dynamic incredibly. Hudson feels things he’s never felt for anyone before. Jude mixes him up inside.

And while Hudson is trying to make sense of this, Jude is discovering who he is as a sexual person. After living in a staunchly religious home where sex was only accepted for procreation, the sexual freedom of Kaleidoscope Gardens might be just what Jude needs to overcome his past, but opening himself up is a whole new thing. He gets blocked.

In the following scene, Jude and the guys from the yellow house are making out. Hudson wants to help Jude get past whatever stops him every time he tries to have sex. In this scene, Jude’s first time with anal, Hudson tells Jude what he wants to do and gets consent several times before he finally makes his move.

If you don’t want to read explicit sex, then click away now.

   “I never thought it would be like this,” Jude whispered.
   “Like what?”
   “Hmm, like the best kiss ever.”
   Hudson leaned in for another crush of their mouths, and the heat of this kiss curled Hudson’s toes. “I want to fuck you, Jude. Break those barriers. Free you from your shame. You can’t take one more day of this innocent boy inside you who so clearly wants to be delivered. And neither can I.”
   “I know. Do it. Please?” Jude panted with desire as Hudson slipped a spit-slicked finger in Jude’s ass and immediately found his prostate. He watched as Jude blushed but then ground down on his finger.
   “You’ll let me?”
  Jude circled his hips, pressing onto Hudson’s finger again and again, pushing it in deeper. When Hudson added a second finger, Jude sucked in a breath and panted, “Yes. Fuck me.”
    While Hudson made sure Jude was loose enough, Leo rolled a condom down Hudson’s cock. Without even asking, Charlie drizzled lube on him and added a dollop to Jude’s hole. Jude watched all this, and his cheeks took on even more color, if that were possible.
   Putting a relaxed palm low on Jude’s belly, Hudson made eye contact, needing a moment of silent communication as he worked his fingers in and out of Jude’s channel. Jude’s eyelids fluttered shut. His breaths became shallower, harsher, and he buried his heels in the floor as if he wanted to meet each thrust of Hudson’s hand, pushing him in deeper and deeper.
   “You love this.” It wasn’t a question. Hudson knew it was the truth. He didn’t need confirmation.
   “Please,” Jude whispered, looking at Hudson with a soft expression.
   “Stay relaxed like you are right now, because you’re perfect like this.” When Hudson withdrew his fingers, Jude’s hole clenched and opened as though he was hungry for it, which made Hudson smile. “Fucking beautiful.”

Excerpt From Farm Fresh by Posy Roberts ©️2016

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