April Goals

A new month, and one where the 1st hits on a Monday. My favorite kinds of months! I have no clue why, but I love my weekly calendar to start on a Monday, so maybe it stems from there.

New month. New beginnings. New goals. Fresh starts.

I’m participating in Camp NanoWriMo, which is the mini National Novel Writing Month thingy they do. You can pick your word count here rather than being forced to write 50,000 words. I did it way back when, I believe during their first year, and that’s when I wrote Spark. It worked well for me back then.

That being said, I’ve been working on Fresh Earth for three years now. Lordy! I started it three Aprils ago.

Third time’s a charm, right? Right! It’s gonna be!

Today is also the day I’m tackling my weekly cleaning routine. I’ve done a bit, hit or miss, but honestly, I’ve been too elsewhere to think about it. And until yesterday, my house was a testament to how much I’ve let go. However, after a cleaning spree this weekend, we are finally getting there.

Our basement is going to take ages. We have too much stuff, not enough space, and two hoarders who struggle to let anything go. Everything is a keepsake, it seems. I’m ready to rent a dumpster and just start tossing, but John and Poppy would probably eat me alive if I did.

So little by little we will go through stuff in the basement. My goal is to get stuff in the first third of the family room out of there so I can tear up the carpeting that has now been flooded twice. I’ve decided to put down laminate flooring there that we lay ourselves and have it butt up against the carpet we currently have. We hate the carpet, but it’s not grody there. And then we’ll pull John’s office carpet up too and replace it with carpet tiles that look very Jupiter-esque.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by today to read all about my remodeling projects? 😉

But this is the sort of stuff that gets in the way of my writing. Not so much the time. Well, yes, the time too. But when my head is focused on “get that nasty-ass carpet out before mold grows,” yeah, I get a bit distracted.

April is also the time in Minnesota where it gets warm enough to get outside, so I’ll be pushing myself to walk more regularly. I hope to lose weight. My first goal is to lose twenty-five pounds with an overall goal of sixty. Not sure I’ll ever make sixty, but maybe. Baby steps! First thing is to get my butt out the door with Olive on a leash.

It takes me about eighteen minutes to walk around my block because it’s not your typical city block; it’s about 4 blocks in one because of the weird curves in my division. Hopefully by mid-April I can be adding on another four to six blocks so that by the time summer is here, walking on what my kiddo calls the “Germany Trail” will be easy. She calls it that because it reminds her of the trails we walked in the Rhineland-Pfalz region of Germany where my sister used to live.

So, writing, cleaning, walking, blogging more here, and, as always, editing for my clients.

What do you have planned for your April?


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