The Store is Open

If you build it, they will come.

Field of Dreams

Or so I told myself as I spent hours building an e-commerce store earlier this month. I built it, but until today, I’ve not let anyone know about it aside from three people, two of those being family members. Because I’m scared! I have no clue what to expect.

For years I’ve had readers requesting signed paperbacks, especially since I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t get to many signings. Parenting obligations win out most of the time, but I still want to make signed paperbacks available to readers who want them.

I’ve chatted with several author friends who manage it, but I’ve been reluctant because of taxes and VAT and shipping. All of that makes this more complicated than in the recent past, but after a ton of research and speaking to my accountant, I got it all figured out.

So, today I’m officially opening my store. It’s separate from this website since I didn’t want to break this pretty site if I messed something up. My store is whereas this site is I’ve added navigation to aid in going back and forth—here, STORE or the little shopping bag on the top menu and the huge bookstore image in the footer will take you there with a click. On the store site, I have Website next to the cart menu that will bring you back here. Let me know if you have any issues.

So what’s at this store?

I have paperbacks I will sign, both new and first edition copies. I also have a bookplate I can send if you already have my book and just want a signature. Book swag. The book swag has to be ordered on other stores, and I hope to add to that. I just need more hours in each day to create more designs.

If you’d rather buy ebooks direct from me, you can do so via my Payhip store, which pays VAT on my behalf. Easier for them to do that than for me to. But I put all the links to available ebooks there as well.

I also have a few categories with stuff I love from other sites as well. Like the wireless, foldable keyboard I use to write on the go, my favorite planner, office supplies. Products for the home that make life easier so you have more time for reading. I’ll go crazy with fountain pens I love later, but for now you can see some of Olive’s favorite things. All of that is available at other stores, but since I write about this stuff in my books, in columns right here on this website, and online, I figured I’d put it all in one spot so it was easy to find.

As with the start of any new venture, I’m sure there will be snafus and hiccups. I’ll do my best to address those. If you run into any issues, please let me know. But you’re welcome to browse.


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