Map to North Star

In September of 2018, one of my beta readers was coming to Minneapolis for work. She wanted to see some of the sites from the North Star trilogy, so I created a Google Map for her so she could find her way.

I went a bit overboard when making the map, putting in not only locations but also linking photos and info about each spot on the map as they related to my trilogy.

Rather than keeping this to myself, I figured I’d share it with you. Zoom in, click on pins, and info about each locale will pop up, including images. Most of the pins are in the Minneapolis area, but there are also pins at the lake, up on the North Shore, in Austin, MN, and a few other spots mentioned in the trilogy.

If you’re a visual person, this might help you see the scenery better in your mind’s eye as you read. I use mapping as I write, so I’m glad I found this tool. I’ll certainly use it again on future projects as I’m planning.

My beta reader and I ended up taking a mini-tour when she arrived. It was really fun to see all these places with her and talk about why I chose certain spots and what they meant to me as I was writing.


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