If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I despise pants, aka leg prisons. I’m a skirt person or a dress person or anything-that-doesn’t-bind-at-the-waist-and-knees person. And since I work at home, I get to wear whatever I want. No dress code to follow. No one to impress.

None of this has gone unnoticed by my husband, and for Christmas, he delivered. He bought me nightgowns that can double as a dress, and the fabric is so soft, it’s like wearing butter.

Then yesterday I found another outfit labeled as loungewear that I had to have. I’d wandered down to the gift shop of the hospital in the hopes of finding Poppy a little gift. At the last minute, the radiologist ordered contrast in her MRI scan, so an IV had to be placed after I’d reassured her this would be a straightforward scan with nothing invasive. Call it a guilt gift if you will.

But while wandering the shop, I reached out and touched the softest fabric ever. It was a cardigan, and since I’m always cold, cardies are one of my fave clothing items. Then I noticed a cowl-neck shirt and also super-soft sweats, all in the same fabric.


The brand is Hello Mello, which is about the best name ever! And you can get it on Amazon, so you don’t need to be at the Mayo Clinic to get it.

Working at home is a gift, but working at home in comfy clothes is a treasure! The only downfall is that it can lead to complacency, at least for me. I’ve not bought myself new clothes for ages. Why spend the money when no one will see them? So most of my clothes are so old and worn in that they are now holey. They’ve certainly seen better days.

But loungewear that is made for comfort that still looks good, yep, sign me up! The fact that I can leave the house without looking like I’ve just crawled out of bed is a bonus. Granted, I doubt I’ll leave the house in the sweats, but everything else, hell yes!

There’s something about investing in myself. I used to regularly get pedicures and manicures, get my hair colored several times a year, and splurge on clothes from time to time. Since I’ve started writing and editing full-time, I’ve let all of that go in order to save cash. Those expenses felt frivilous outside of signings or conventions.

Until this morning when I slipped into everything new and buttery soft, I didn’t realize how important it is to invest in me. Maybe next week I’ll go in for that pedicure. Maybe I’ll get a facial or massage. Maybe I’ll dye my hair blue again.

No matter, I think a little pampering goes a long way in healing the soul.

And when my soul is fed, words get written.


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