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The second edition of Spark is out today, but I’m a nervous wreck. This book has been in the world for nearly five years and is loved by many, but the whole North Star Trilogy always seemed to hide in the shadows, even when readers praised it to high heaven. So I’m hoping this reboot will help new readers discover this series and fall in love with the men in it. Hugo and Kevin forever is what several readers have told me all these years later, so I’m hashtagging that! Haha. #HugoKevin4Ever

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I’ve had some theories as to why this series didn’t sell well. I discovered at book signings that people didn’t know the series was romance. Many were interested in the books but the price didn’t fit into their book budget. Some picked up Spark and never picked up Fusion or Flare, so I knew I had to fix a few things. My fingers itched to improve these books for a long time, and I edited them from top to bottom. I fixed pacing, characterization, scene order, and a whole lot more. They’re even better than the first edition, and I’m hoping the new covers will revitalize this book so new readers are willing to take a chance on it.

I’m so proud of these books. If I never wrote another thing in my life, I’d die a happy woman knowing these books are now what I first envisioned them to be.

spark-all-tech1.pngAnd as you can see, I have a gorgeous man on the cover that fits Kevin so well, it was as if someone made a man from the image I’d created in my head as I wrote. Oh, and the price came way down: from $6.99 down to $3.99 for ebook. Paperback went from $18 down to $14.

Buckle in to read these. Hugo, Kevin, Brooke, and Finn are characters who will revisit you as you go about your day and week. Maybe months and years. Hence the hashtag. Hugo and Kevin feel like real people to many readers and this is a series people re-read again and again.

If you’ve been reluctant to pick up the North Star Trilogy now is the perfect time to take the leap. It’s better than ever, just like Hugo and Kevin are on their second chance at love.

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