Finally, SPRING!

It’s been a tough winter in Minnesota, but this weekend we had weather that made everything better. No coats. Jackets necessary only when the sun went down. And my kid even took a little walk barefooted!

Olive and KongWe walked Olive, our little pooch, around the block, and she was in puppy heaven with all the smells she discovered, which was wonderful to witness after the rocky week she’d had. She ended up in the ER with tachycardia because she got into something she shouldn’t have. But all is well now. She’s back to her normal self, and on Wednesday, she goes in to get fixed.

To writing news!

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I’m getting the rights back to North Star and have been working hard to make the stories even better than they were when first released five years ago. I love these characters so much, and they all deserve my best. This new incarnation really brings them even more to life than the original did.

I know many readers of MM Romance weren’t reading in the genre back in 2013 so you may not have ever heard of these stories. I’ve had readers come up to me years after reading to tell me how much these books impacted them, and that’s about the best thing I could ever ask for is having my story sticking with readers for years.

For those who’ve read this before, you might notice some changes. Mostly I’ve rearranged scenes for better flow and pacing and taken lessons learned over the years to improve my writing. The story is still the same, just a lot better! ❤︎

This series is about second chance love amidst the complications of healing hearts, divorce, fatherhood, and life.

Spark is the most lighthearted book of the three with a nice HFN. Fusion comes with a five tissue alert but ends on a happy note, but you won’t want to stop there. Flare is where Hugo and Kevin finally find the stability they need for their happily ever after, even if there is a lot of work getting there.  Guaranteed book hangover.

This is a saga told over three books with separate story arcs in each book nestled under the huge rainbow of a story told throughout the trilogy.

This week I’m working on my final read through of Spark, tweaking those last few words and polishing everything I can before sending this off to proofers. I’m not sure on my re-release schedule with that. And because I have to deal with Amazon’s rights reversion team since this was previously published with Dreamspinner Press, I’ve decided to do something new.

I’ve created a sign-up sheet for anyone who’d like to be notified about North Star when it’s released. Click on the button below! This is through my newsletter, so if you’re already subscribed, update your info so I can get you on the right list. If you don’t do that, you’ll likely get the notification after all the books are released rather than one by one.

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