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The release of Love on a Battlefield went off without a hitch. Okay, there were a few. I had to reschedule half of my prescheduled tweets and Facebook chopped off all the details about my book on the post people shared and only showed the photos. I remedied those issues pretty quick.

I’m pleased with the release. For a novella, I never allow my expectations get too high because shorter books never sell as well as novels. But I love writing novellas. That length is fun for me, which was the entire reason I worked on that story: writing had turned into drudgery, not fun. So the favorable response is icing. 🙂

There are two days left to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway that Xpresso Book Tours arranged for the Love on a Battlefield book blitz, so check that out.

Last Monday I wrote about my editing/restructuring process of Spark. I accomplished my goal. Scenes are now moved around for a better flow, words trimmed, and the climax and resolution have been completely reworked.

I’m having a few betas who love the original reading it right now, and after I get their feedback, I’ll send it to a new beta who’s never met Hugo and Kevin before. But I’m at a really good place with the revision, which is exciting.

This week I’m back to editing for clients. March is my editing month. I have six jobs. A copy edit of a previously published book, a mentoring edit for a new author, and four novels that will go through a two-step edit of content/structural and then copy editing. That means eight reads on those. So in essence, I have ten editing jobs this month.

I’m tired just thinking about that. Haha. Which is why I decided to get two of those done before March 1st.

My brain is in editing mode because of the last few weeks with Spark, so I have that going for me. It’s the shifting gears from purely creative over to picky editor that’s hard to do on a dime.

On my 2018 planning board, March/April has the title Extra Ordinary behind it. That’s where my focus is right now. It’s currently at 14,000 words. I’m dramatically expanding the short story Risking It, originally published in Dreamspinner Press’s Daily Dose. So a 5,000-word short is now a minuscule portion of what will end up as a 60,000-word novel.

And I have a cover! <3 James from designed it.

Meet Luca, the guy that flirts openly with Gus at their high school basketball tournament. Gus is closeted and has no clue how to flirt let alone navigate the intricacies of hooking up while not outing himself. He also thinks he’s the most boring person in the world.

Luca fascinates Gus from the moment their eyes meet. He’s comfortable in his sexuality, bold with his flirting. Luca may come off as fearless, but he’s been keeping a lot to himself in hopes of pleasing his father, a man who gave up his rock-star career to be a father. It’s a coming of age story that starts near the end of high school and follows these men to college where they have the freedom to be themselves for the first time.

The extra ordinary guy has to find a way to get the extraordinary guy to notice him. Or maybe he needs to realize he’s pretty extraordinary himself.

So, cover reveal time. Maybe this will light a fire under my butt so I keep working on this story. Just looking at Luca helps.

Extra Ordinary - Mod- for blog.jpeg





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