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PTSD-lite, PTSD-gritty

For those of you who’ve read Love on a Battlefield and crave a grittier look at PTSD than what I portrayed in that book, I’d like to recommend Silver Scars to you. Gil’s life is destroyed after an explosion left him shattered. When he meets Keith, a man living with struggles of his own, Gil feels hope again.

Gil’s PTSD is not a result of war like Andrew’s was, but it’s just as powerful. Maybe more so.

I actually poured a lot of my own PTSD and anxiety into Gil’s experience and I pretty much wrote Silver Scars as therapy to get me through a deeply troubling time in my own life. So yeah, I guess I wrote my experiences into Love on a Battlefield too since Andrew uses writing as his therapy. I just realized that.

Silver Scars is a slowly woven tale of healing and trying to make a relationship work between two broken men.

Love on a Battlefield is a story about first times, second chances, and the transformative power of the written word.

Silver Scars


Love on a Battlefield



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