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Over in the QRFFC we’ve started answering some reader questions. I thought I’d share my answers here as well. If you’d like to read other author’s answers, come join the group.

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What made you decide to become an author?

I’ve always been writing, but the shift from writing just for me to being willing to share my stuff was transformational. I have journals from high school that I’d die if anyone ever read them. Teen angst dripping from poorly constructed poetry. I wrote academically for years and always found regurgitating facts settling but boring. It was a means to an end: degrees and a career.

I’ve always preferred creative over academic, though it is a hard way to put food on the table. I’ve been songwriting since I was a toddler. I wrote and performed a song for my senior class in high school. Haha. I forgot about that until just now. Music and lyrics were always my things, and poetry fit too. I wrote ad copy when my husband was in advertising. Theme songs are a pastime at our house, so every car, pet, and person has a song that goes with them that fits their personality. 

I’d wanted to write a novel from as far back as I can remember, but I truly thought it would be a memoir. I have some crazy stuff that has happened in my life that reads as fiction, so I thought that would be it. One book and done. And about the crazy that I’ve lived through.

But a decade ago, I was very ill and bedbound. I read a lot, since that was about all I could manage. The urge to write a romance novel finally took root enough that I had to follow through. The characters begged to have their stories told, so it was less about me deciding and more about characters deciding for me that I had to write.


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