Strong & Sexy

I’ve been so busy getting Love on a Battlefield ready for its release February 20th that I’ve been remiss in letting you know about this awesome book. It’s filled with chapters and starters from the authors of the Queer Romance Freebie & Fan Club.


Queer Romance Freebie Fan & Club is a Facebook group with over 2,300 members where fourteen romance authors share freebies, sales, new releases, and competitions.

The authors involved in QRFFC are often asked which books they would recommend as a place to start. So, we came up with this idea to create books you can download onto your own e-reader with first chapters, buy links, social links, and news. As times goes on, we will release more teaser books incorporating various genres.

Strong & Sexy is the first of these taster books.

Stories included in Strong & Sexy are from authors N.R. Walker, Keira Andrews, Eli Easton, Jay Northcote, RJ Scott, V.L. Locey, DJ Jamison, Leta Blake, Posy Roberts, Jamie Fessenden, Annabelle Jacobs, and Amber Kell.

Best of all, it’s #free. Get your copy today!

Posy’s PayHip

Download at the QRFFC


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