Word of the Year

Last year I commissioned a small token with my word of intent stamped into it. This was from My Intent Project, and my word was Infuse. Essentially, I wanted to ensure that whatever project I was working on, I was infusing it with goodness and purpose. I wanted a word big enough to fit writing, parenting, editing, crafting, and basic living, something I could be mindful of in nearly everything I did.

IMG_1204.jpgI think I did okay with the work. I could’ve done better since some of the year I was infusing stress into everything. 😂

I bought medallions for myself, hubby, and my bestie last year with words we’d all talked about. There’s a huge chance I’ll be doing so again.

Last night as the New Year ticked closer, my bestie told me her word for 2018 is Release. It’s a great word for her as she will see her oldest leave home for college, let go of objects in her way, and work past those issues that stick to her like glue.

This morning I talked to hubby about his new word. His will be Focus. He means that more as a focus inward but also assessing situations so he can see what he controls and doesn’t control. He can’t leave work when it gets overwhelming, but he can go and buy a cup of coffee from his favorite place if he realizes he’s stressed.

We grew up in stoic German/Scandinavian Lutheran homes. Thinking about your own feelings didn’t matter unless they were out of control, so this will be a great word for him on his path toward self-improvement and happiness seeking.

I’m stuck on my word. As much as I’d like it to be Write or Keep Writing, all I can think of is that coming out as scolding, which would lead to pressure and possibly me refusing to write.

I want words to pour forth. I want words on the page. I want words already on the page so I can mess with them and make them better words.

Maybe Write Words? Perhaps I need two words for 2018.

I’m not one to do resolutions, at least not in the form of SMART goals. For those who don’t know: Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Action-Oriented, Realistic, and Timely.

pexels-photo-285173SMART goals are great for short-term things or changing bad habits into good ones, but I really love the Word of the Year for a general focus. It’s not zeroed in like it would be with a zoom lens or SMART goals. It’s fuzzy, more like bokeh. I know what it is, but I don’t need it to be crystal clear to envelop my world. In fact, I think it helps hold my focus on what’s important at that moment while enhancing everything around me.

Have you used words of intent before? Have you heard of the My Intent Project? If you were to pick a word for 2018, what would your word be?


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