Puppy Must-Haves

Olive in her cuddle cup.

I’ve mentioned I’m a bit taken by my dog before. Who me? Yeah. Totally head over heels for this little creature! But she’s going to have me going broke soon. I keep buying her things. Some of that is because of recommendations from other pet owners, some from the dog trainer or the vet, but mostly it’s because I love spoiling her!

It seemed like every puppy class we went to, I walked out with something new. The latest purchase was this green ball/cage thingy. She loves it now that she’s teething. It gets to the molars, which makes her happy. You can put treats inside too. I haven’t tried that yet, but I will. If you have a dog that loves to unstuff toys, you can cut strips of fleece fabric and shove it into the center of the ball too, likely keeping them entertained for a bit. I’m not sure how long that would last for intense destuffers, however.

The trainer also talked about a Kong that was a food dispenser. I had something like that years ago that looked like a die, but this was better so, of course, I went and ordered it.

There’s a puppy playpen I ordered because of the recommendation of a Facebook friend. Olive spends a lot of her time in it. I can keep her contained without the sense of confinement of a kennel. It’s expandable too, so you can make it much larger by getting add-on pieces. It’s not for large dogs, however. Smaller pets and those that don’t climb or jump out. It can also be broken apart and used as a makeshift gate. It’s very useful, and I see myself using this for years to come.

And Olive’s go-to cuddle cup is the aqua one. The fabric is so soft. This is under my desk and she spends a lot of her time curled up in it.

I could go on and on, about Olive and about all the ways I’m spoiling her. Instead, I ended up making a list on Amazon of everything I love so I can easily find it again for reorders. I figured I’d share it with other pet owners.


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